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28. 11. 2020





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SirLoblolly Před 15 hodinami
What happened to jacksepticeye's answer to the clickbait question lol we just skipped right past him there
Nicolle Před 15 hodinami
everyone was very funny and super likeable but tomska's answers tho, what a classy dude
10DollarWizard Před 17 hodinami
This is the best concept, competition for a choice of where to donate the prize money is heckin awesome
Dazmundo Smithereens
Dazmundo Smithereens Před 17 hodinami
the best and probably only good thing jack has done for me was introduce me to internet comment etiquette
Monki Před dnem
the only thing i gathered from this is that jacksfilms is the least funny person here
Mac Před dnem
I wish they’d do another
Adam Maher
Adam Maher Před 2 dny
matt quatro
matt quatro Před 4 dny
Roses are red, violets are wild, I want to hit you more than I want to hit a child
Tesseract Před 5 dny
Haha Jacksepticeye is the funniest one. Nice try all!
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Před 7 dny
Why didnt sean answer the last question?
Dante Dammit
Dante Dammit Před 8 dny
Where's Rich Evans?
Veiny Wombat
Veiny Wombat Před 12 dny
More morozororoeo!
Haydo Před 12 dny
Ted Josiah Paragas
Ted Josiah Paragas Před 12 dny
part 2 pls
Muhammad Rizky Aulia
YIAY TIME looks like a horrible sequel compare to this
Mr Guy
Mr Guy Před 16 dny
9:57Just the way jakey says “ so i drew master chief with yittys”
Денис Балыков
Oh my god, youtuber invented Cards against Humanity, how fresh.
Partner 1
Partner 1 Před 17 dny
Erik is insanely funny.
Bee Jackson
Bee Jackson Před 17 dny
how did jakey not win he literally created the joke everyone used
James Clark
James Clark Před 17 dny
My meanest insult w/o cursing: Haven’t seen a model of decay since Differential Equations.
Sara Johansson
Sara Johansson Před 19 dny
Who's the funniest CSshowsr? *a white man, of course*
Joey Alvestad
Joey Alvestad Před 19 dny
I think this would've been better if there was more white men
Pleyland Před 19 dny
Finally Comedy gets what it's always been missing, a competitive element. Ethan only won because he got to read first
JustSomeToast Před 22 dny
This kinda reminds me of the cool CSshows
equmaq Před 23 dny
Tomska duh
Wug Před 27 dny
We all knew ref was gonna win from the start
Ghosthunter Eli
Ghosthunter Eli Před 27 dny
Shoulda done better w ethans intro
Lecherous Librarian
Lecherous Librarian Před měsícem
I don't know if Jon Cozart is part of Gen Z but he completely understands our humor.
Gunnar Stolhandske
Gunnar Stolhandske Před měsícem
I have a sneaking feeling that jacks fans intentionally voted for anyone but him
poiuuiopl Před měsícem
tomska's jokes are the only ones that make sense
The One
The One Před měsícem
Man, the internet will laugh at anything a straight white guy says, even when he's not that funny. We love to see it ❤
Buniie Před měsícem
Jon Cozart is alive....
MidnightLightMusic Před měsícem
Nakey Jakey needs to be in more things
Steven Even Show
Steven Even Show Před měsícem
How did Erik not win every round? Must be a conspiracy
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson Před měsícem
boris smalov
boris smalov Před měsícem
I feel like jacob was underrated af
Elina Ossia
Elina Ossia Před měsícem
it’s larray.
Woody On A Real
Woody On A Real Před měsícem
Shut up
Pixelart205 iMovies
Pixelart205 iMovies Před měsícem
Elise Ecklund is
The Royal Canada Frog Avenger
i legitimately started crying aat the intro for ethan. f you jack memento mori
mariosucks101 Před měsícem
8:42 REALLY JACK!? what the fuck man!
Soren Před měsícem
The yiay live we deserve
Susan Nathaniel
Susan Nathaniel Před měsícem
Was anyone able to read jacksepticeyes answer in the last in one? It got cut for some reason
Susan Nathaniel
Susan Nathaniel Před měsícem
It says "got pregnant after getting assaulted" weirdchamp
BeanMuchu Před měsícem
Make this the new YIAYTIME
Red Ronin
Red Ronin Před měsícem
Maybe this is just me but NakeyJakey absolutely killed it every single round
DeckedOutPistol Před měsícem
Still waiting for "are you funniest than a CSshowsr" where all the funnier than a yter winners compete in a big are you funnier match
Drip McConnell
Drip McConnell Před měsícem
triggered that erik didn't win
JamV Před měsícem
"I drew master chief with yiddies" Jakey Jakey and Jakey attorneys at law 2020
Tally Blue
Tally Blue Před měsícem
Which brown haired white boy is superior??
John M
John M Před měsícem
Second time I watch this and I'm still hurting laughing, thank you guys for these
mayrus yaeryu
mayrus yaeryu Před měsícem
trick question. its a bunch of white dudes so obviously none of them
Nincotic Před měsícem
wait is that norbert moses in the thumbnail
Morgan Před měsícem
"huh, why'd they cut out jacks answer in the last bit?" *pauses at 12:53 * "oh..."
Susan Nathaniel
Susan Nathaniel Před měsícem
I can't read jacks, what we does it say?
Harry Dolan
Harry Dolan Před měsícem
Why wasn’t there “I love you likegarfiekd loves lasagna” I am so disappointed
Kaiya Norton
Kaiya Norton Před měsícem
Jon Cozart was so underrated, i liked his answer best almost every time
SEBE Před měsícem
EEF is the best
notagoodidea Před měsícem
This is what yiay time should have been
Memes Engineer
Memes Engineer Před měsícem
Were markiplier?
Xe588 Před měsícem
This is what yiay time should be like
Alex Welch
Alex Welch Před měsícem
We need this to be a series.
Benisl Davis
Benisl Davis Před měsícem
white man
Jill Kaplan
Jill Kaplan Před měsícem
This isn't "who's the funniest CSshowsr" this is "who's the funniest average white dude"
The One
The One Před měsícem
@Neo Novus isn't though, Jack couldn't even get one person of color (Probably because he knows none, which is a problem in itself ) then named it "Who's the funniest CSshowsr?" Like, what???? And then you watch the video and some of the answers share the same motif. Maybe Erick is funny, yes, but brush
Neo Novus
Neo Novus Před měsícem
Wow somebody needs to get laid and have a social life. No need to make this a white thing. Racist
David Valencia
David Valencia Před měsícem
Your comment made me lost even more faith in humanity
Alexa Gomez
Alexa Gomez Před měsícem
This is 10000x better than the CSshows Original. Everyone is being themselves and genuinely having fun.
Josh456 Před měsícem
there are 2 Jacks here and neither are actually named "Jack", and their actual names rhyme. Fuck.
Brandon C Maximum
Brandon C Maximum Před měsícem
YIAY Time looks different
musyrifo Před měsícem
Here after the YIAY Time reboot
The Illusionist
The Illusionist Před měsícem
5:36 The way he’s holding this paper feels intimidating and I don’t know why
621LJP Před měsícem
lmao why was Jack's question skipped at the end?
Blue Lightning Films
Blue Lightning Films Před měsícem
The good version of yiay time....
Engei Před měsícem
This is what YIAY Time should be
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba Před měsícem
This should be the new CSshows Red thingy.
Darky Thing
Darky Thing Před měsícem
Jacoby Slaycoby is brutally underrated
Seanie Boi
Seanie Boi Před měsícem
This is what the Game Show should be lol
Corrupted Před měsícem
I swear, Erik is one of funniest people Ive ever seen, I didnt even watch this yet and he got my vote
PeterPumpkinEater69 /Peter Griffin
@Stockfish ja veldig interresant
Lightningfun 64
Lightningfun 64 Před 3 dny
Just farming pepegas
ShutUpSmoshz Před měsícem
Stockfish Před měsícem
Freddy Fazzbear
Freddy Fazzbear Před měsícem
Paper Benni
Paper Benni Před měsícem
This is a thousand times better than yiay time
Someone you know or may not
They all just really want kids
Moviesman8 Před měsícem
I like this so much better than the gameshow that CSshows edited
Mike Tibbits
Mike Tibbits Před měsícem
Jakey got ROBBED during this
「Tar1」 Před měsícem
The picture of Jack in the thumbnail is too cursed.
So Vidushi
So Vidushi Před měsícem
I just learned that jacksfilms and jacksepticeye are two different people.
pengu Před měsícem
This I my favorite of Jack’s videos
Self-conscious mess
Self-conscious mess Před měsícem
I feel like this is what Yiaytime tried to be but like Good
Pink Droid
Pink Droid Před měsícem
Hey I hate to be a dick but there are way funnier youtubers, I mean in the thumbnail YOU are the only one who is even remotely funny...
RandomPigYT Před měsícem
@faze joe watch out, or jack'll have to bring back ygs
Pink Droid
Pink Droid Před měsícem
faze joe Ahh ok thanks
faze joe
faze joe Před měsícem
This was just some game he did with his freinds to promote his board game. Their 100% are funnier youtubers.
Miscellaneo Před měsícem
This is better yiaytime
Captain Calcium
Captain Calcium Před měsícem
THIS is what YIAY time should have been. No annoying editing, no filter, no corporate control, just Jack and some friends having fun.
Sage the Aquarius
Sage the Aquarius Před měsícem
Honestly. If he did it like this I would happily watch every episode repeatedly.
Naomi Pandey
Naomi Pandey Před měsícem
Make your game show like this ffs
Ling Ling Kim
Ling Ling Kim Před měsícem
I kinda expected Yiay Time to be like this
kerb Před měsícem
YIAY time: Who are you? This video: I'm you but better.
Benjamin Ho
Benjamin Ho Před měsícem
The YIAY show we wanted
Salty Cola
Salty Cola Před měsícem
THIS CSshows! THIS is what we want from a YAIY game show! I ju- the fuggen- **sigh of acquiescence**
Ethan Blake
Ethan Blake Před měsícem
Watching this after watching his youtube original show pilot, this is what yiay time should've been
Jairah Inocence
Jairah Inocence Před měsícem
who's here after the premier of YIAY TIME
Blandco Před měsícem
I am late to this but I love Erik's background. He is a real one.
anklemonitor Před měsícem
POV: You just watched YIAY TIME and wanted to feel something other than eternal pain.
Savannah 0
Savannah 0 Před měsícem
How did you know
Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh Před měsícem
yeah i had to do some serious damage control after sitting through that, here's hoping he returns to this stuff soon...
Call Me Noah
Call Me Noah Před měsícem
1:07 "it's 12 at night where Tom is" meanwhile in Sean's head "what in the almighty Fu- im also in England what are you on about "
PierOfSadness Před měsícem
After that awful first episode of "yiay time" I came here to feel better. This is the Jack I know and love.
Gabby B
Gabby B Před měsícem
This is so much better than YIAY Time in every definition of the word “better”
WhazHisFace Is Doing His Best
Came here to see what a yiay show should be like.
The All Rounder
The All Rounder Před měsícem
Me too man me too. I only hope that since it's the pilot maybe over time they will give Jack more control
Joel Mulligan
Joel Mulligan Před měsícem
I don’t see Supermega anywhere
The D’s
The D’s Před měsícem
Nirmiti Před měsícem
The only one who needs no introduction is JackSepticEye.
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We made this game AWFUL.
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The Last JackAsk.
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