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30. 12. 2020





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Joe Iorio
Joe Iorio Před 4 hodinami
In what world is a fucking LEGO set a bad gift?
otovga Před dnem
my mom got me olive oil. i'm 18, still live with my parents, and i can barely make microwave popcorn.
bred boi
bred boi Před dnem
I asked my mom for what do u memes coz i am a epik gamer
Lizbomb Plays
Lizbomb Plays Před 2 dny
I mean... I don’t like tacos...
Mr. Jellysquid
Mr. Jellysquid Před 3 dny
Cause I mean I'm lucky enough that the worst gift I got last year was some Bluetooth earbuds. They're a bit clunky and quiet, but they're good for at my work, so yay for parents who're good at gift giving!
Dream's Son
Dream's Son Před 4 dny
Adam and Eve Alex and Steve
Manic Monkey
Manic Monkey Před 4 dny
#YIAYstop We should stop asking questions that will never get a YIAY episode
Janie Reynolds
Janie Reynolds Před 4 dny
Jack: “everyone likes tacos” Me: *dosent like tacos*
smelliott Před 5 dny
the lego set kinda cool tho
blurry baby
blurry baby Před 5 dny
i played what do you meme real housewives edition in a mental health treatment center
TheAs& Ys
TheAs& Ys Před 7 dny
In 20 years 2020 is gonna seem like heaven in comparison
GamerDim90 Před 8 dny
#yiaystop we should stop being stupid and buying a ton of toilet paper
Robin Gaming
Robin Gaming Před 9 dny
Crate looks cool for me though
Eva Perić
Eva Perić Před 10 dny
Wanna hear something funny? I got a friends Lego set for my birthday but not like “oh my mom is so stupid, she got me a bluh bluh bluh” no I ASKED her for it we went to 2 Lego stores just to find it
Quintin King
Quintin King Před 11 dny
Being funny nobody wants me to be funny
i kaiju 3000
i kaiju 3000 Před 12 dny
8:50 but it's the best gift ever
「Drake's Trash Content」
A bruh moment
Jacqui Jacobs
Jacqui Jacobs Před 13 dny
8:36 I have a hat that says this
vsGoliath Před 14 dny
I got the Fortnite Nerf gun for my roommate... as a joke. He proceeded to shoot me with it all fucking day like I deserved.
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher Před 14 dny
Imagine seeing a gift you gave on here
Nathaniel Snider
Nathaniel Snider Před 14 dny
adam and eve? nah adam and steve
KyØgre7 Před 14 dny
Tacos are an abomination to humanity
Anime_ Anton
Anime_ Anton Před 15 dny
Adam and Eve more like Adam and Steve
Squishbruh Před 16 dny
I play Roblox and have been since 2013 and the Roblox game shakes me to my core
Nice Nice
Nice Nice Před 17 dny
*I'm eating taco*
Justinas Letukas
Justinas Letukas Před 17 dny
Mans sippin on Chug Jug
Mad Mannn 9
Mad Mannn 9 Před 17 dny
6:15 "Adults"
David Lee
David Lee Před 18 dny
GoodAim9361 Před 19 dny
I got the minecraft bible
Lego Greedo
Lego Greedo Před 22 dny
No joke i was in the cafeteria one day in school and i saw someone with the It's an anime thing shirt
Serpinskite _
Serpinskite _ Před 23 dny
Ngl that sponsor looks really EPIC!
Pink bird
Pink bird Před 25 dny
8:51 hmu if ur the owner I’d gladly take it off ur hands
Jacooblay Před 27 dny
Ferb, I know what we're gonna do for christmas.
Snow’s Stingray
Snow’s Stingray Před 28 dny
It’s April.....where is it
NikNever Před měsícem
5:19 A Jacksfilms Cameo?! EW!
Crathion Před měsícem
One time I got sonic Kinect; I did not have a Kinect, and hated sonic.
Joseph Tine
Joseph Tine Před měsícem
8:53 LEGO isn’t just for children
Toby Innit
Toby Innit Před měsícem
anyone notice for the first shirt diarrhoea is spelt wrong
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan Před měsícem
Thank you 1:21
Shocking Lucas
Shocking Lucas Před měsícem
Yo that friends Lego set is a great gift fr tho
Ehan Nasir
Ehan Nasir Před měsícem
Image the speed run for a books: -glitch less, read as fast and as unintelligible as possible -glitch, flip through all the pages as fast as possible
Jenny Schwarz
Jenny Schwarz Před měsícem
If she dont want baby yoda bop it, can i have it?
Kirby Star
Kirby Star Před měsícem
I got underwear.
The Greater Dane
The Greater Dane Před měsícem
Man if love to see how they handle the, uh...four horsemen, the seals, satan, and the rapture in Minecraft form
B. A. F.
B. A. F. Před měsícem
I don’t like tacos no cap
A Thing
A Thing Před měsícem
I have “WHAT DO YOU MEME” And i like the game
Bruh Bruh fishy
Bruh Bruh fishy Před měsícem
0:16 he looks like a successful crackhead
bog Před měsícem
Are you drinking dog glue
CreenelMC Před měsícem
Mom: [*opens door, sees me in front of the computer playing video games*] , [*interrupts*] Mom: [*opens door, sees me in front of the computer playing video games AND sees a GAMING IN PROGRESS sign*] [*ho wait he's gaming i shouldn't interrupt*]
Gamer of space 1684
Gamer of space 1684 Před měsícem
I got just dance for ps4 when i have a ... Xbox 360
Javier Sáez Navarro
Javier Sáez Navarro Před měsícem
0:00 dogglue is not real, it's fake
worms by spoopy
worms by spoopy Před měsícem
I don't like tacos
Cole Hoggart
Cole Hoggart Před měsícem
#YIAYstop Dying of coronavirus
SOuth VIETnam
SOuth VIETnam Před měsícem
9:10 you will never know if you never try :>
Louis Jones
Louis Jones Před měsícem
5:15 I literally got a ball shaving kit
RainbowGuy Před měsícem
We should stop eating children in 2021! Wait it's 2021? I thought it was 2020?!? I gotta stop eating children...
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms
Giraffe FlavoredCondoms Před měsícem
9:05 I have two of those metal gamer wallhanging things, not that exact one but definitely the same company. They say similar things, one is a "Do not enter, gaming in progress" sign and the other has similar lines of various gamer themed things like "Getting crits, killing the end boss" and stuff like that. Both gifted from my mom, I display them ironically, I'm not sure how ironic she was when she gave them to me, but definitely at least a little Also she gave me a "pooping cats" calendar. Yes it is photos and yes it is real poop.
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna Před měsícem
Penny wore black and blue top, blue and pink top, pink shirt, black shirt with flowers on it on Season 8, Episode 4
TheMGMfan Před měsícem
Remember when this comment section was just concentrated nihilism? I like to imagine that Jack decided to cancel #YIAYstop for that reason.
A Snark
A Snark Před měsícem
6:17 I got that but instead it was only exclusive to dogs pooping dogs
Benjamin Almquist
Benjamin Almquist Před měsícem
I got a kazoo Need I say more?
Petrosion Před měsícem
Wait, there’s a 2020? I thought it went from 2018 - 2019 - 2021
Hobum Teatley
Hobum Teatley Před měsícem
#YIAYstop 2020
Oddziey Před měsícem
#YIAYstop we should stop making fun of jack for his very obvious and clear as day to see receding hairline as he is very self conscious about his inevitable baldness.
Kaz'K Před měsícem
I don't like tacos tho, John.
doctor moist
doctor moist Před měsícem
the minecraft holy bible ain't about adam and eve it's about alex and steve
FalconHalo Před měsícem
I've been giggling over that Minecraft Bible set for a solid few minutes now. I kind of want it just so that I can laugh at the amount of effort that went into something so dumb. My favorite part of what I can see is Daniel in the pit of ocelots, because there are no lions in Minecraft. It's even better because they're not even a hostile mob.
Ryan Brooz
Ryan Brooz Před měsícem
#yiaystop breathing
The Bread Connoisseur
The Bread Connoisseur Před měsícem
I once got The Big Bang Theory trivial pursuit for Christmas.
Jay the Killer
Jay the Killer Před měsícem
Zygalo Před měsícem
Watermelon Duck
Watermelon Duck Před měsícem
#YIAYstop we should stop putting the sponsor in the middle of the video
David Woodburn
David Woodburn Před měsícem
#YIAYstop complaining about 2020
TheNexan Před měsícem
To be fair to the person who got just the PS5 controller, it was so hard to get that I got someone the controller as a "hey listen I'm trying to get this fuckin thing" statement
Cloudtail Před měsícem
I don’t like tacos
Carter Před měsícem
How many people said “COVID-19” because that’s probably the worst gift you could get tbh
bird tutorial
bird tutorial Před měsícem
What do you Meme is actually quite fun but the marketing is... rough
Corbinius Před měsícem
okay but why do you know about rainfurrest
Pug-stash Před měsícem
The person that posted the Minecraft bible was atheist, and he was certain that his grandparents knew that.
Miklós Bencsáth
Miklós Bencsáth Před měsícem
#YIAYstop Smoking cigarettes
mep Před měsícem
where can i buy dog glue?
Toto The Squid
Toto The Squid Před 2 měsíci
i know i’m 3 months late, but i got like 3 “just a girl who likes anime” t-shirts. i’m out to my parents as a trans guy.
Scribbler Johnny
Scribbler Johnny Před 2 měsíci
The thank you cards, damn, that's hateful
GOD Před 2 měsíci
#YIAYstop you guys should stop dying
The nutty knight
The nutty knight Před 2 měsíci
When he mentioned rain furrest i had vietnam war flashbacks.
Wombolean Tribe Leader
Wombolean Tribe Leader Před 2 měsíci
@jacksfilms how the FUCK DO U KNOW YOU DONT RESPAWN AFTER DYING? HAVE YOU EVER DIED? no i diddent think so
CommandoCrisp Před 2 měsíci
I got an emoji chia pet
Savannah Stanley
Savannah Stanley Před 2 měsíci
my friend has 2 its an anime thing sweatshirts. she wears them everyday to school. every. fucking. day. 7th grade my guy this is why no one likes us.
Skooma Gnark
Skooma Gnark Před 2 měsíci
3:07 didnt even bother to scratch away the price :D ahhh, priceless those gifts xD
Jake Sapir
Jake Sapir Před 2 měsíci
I once got two different shirts with the same pun on them, but it was a good one and very fitting for me, so it wasn't a bad thing.
PlaydoughMaster Před 2 měsíci
#YIAYstop living
PlaydoughMaster Před 2 měsíci
3:50 one of my friends has the top and bottom mask
Ki-rbarlo Před 2 měsíci
TMAIAY (Two months ago I asked you) The show that will replace YIAY
Marco Před 2 měsíci
You what the worst christmas gift is? your brother getting you aftershave only it's the same aftershave that he got you for your birthday 13 years ago
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop Před 2 měsíci
Whoever got that Lego set better be damn thankful.
gacha mika exists
gacha mika exists Před 2 měsíci
We gotta stop 2020
Xe Jr
Xe Jr Před 2 měsíci
i'll take that friends Lego set please
Bigg Boi
Bigg Boi Před 2 měsíci
#YIAYstop we should stop dying
Jay_ Před 2 měsíci
#YIAYstop We should stop watching yiay
Cornoffthecobs Před měsícem
Don’t pick this jon
Reed Moyer
Reed Moyer Před 2 měsíci
Who's up for round of Meme the game: family edition
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