The Last JackAsk. 

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26. 10. 2020





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Human Garbage
Human Garbage Před 5 hodinami
Imagine sponsoring the last episode of your show that spanned seven/six years.
propane canister
propane canister Před dnem
I was never in a jackask
Painty Před 15 hodinami
Super Mario Stupid Show
Technically, Yiay can never end becuase at the end of every episode it says “in the next episode of yiay” so if he plays that in every Video, it will never end
Zach Gedman
Zach Gedman Před 3 dny
It's absolutely perfect that he just has water on his shirt. It's basically nothing but it adds everything.
Ryder Williams
Ryder Williams Před 5 dny
guys its been 3 months i don't think hes joking anymore.
jony prepper israel
Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More
That’s so sad Alexa play Despacito
Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More
ngl Audible was the best sponsor to end with
Phycho Před 6 dny
Last Jackask, First time watching the sponsor
Cooper Před 7 dny
ther last jaskass
Aiden Bullock
Aiden Bullock Před 6 dny
All these JackAsks, all these years, and never made it into a single video. *RIP* *RIP*
Reviews by Rasel
Reviews by Rasel Před 7 dny
SamDrawsStuff Před 6 dny
Lightningfun 64
Lightningfun 64 Před 8 dny
MemeBean975 Před 8 dny
All good things must come to a end 😔
Stoogle Před 9 dny
So it's official.the reason that jackask ended was because of the comment section
phanfinger Před 9 dny
I enjoy that you're trying to weirder. Keeps us all on our toes.
ridge 1
ridge 1 Před 9 dny
Why wasn't Erin in this?
Acceldown Před 10 dny
Old jack is coming back arc let's go
Venkat S
Venkat S Před 10 dny
Gosh darn, the last Jackask being a sincere one is perfect
PlayWorks Před 10 dny
Bruh? wakey wakey
Bruh? wakey wakey Před 10 dny
bruh, he referenced the 20 million dollar MANSION in the last jackask, nice
The Endo Imposter
The Endo Imposter Před 12 dny
Oli Slother
Oli Slother Před 13 dny
it wasn't cancelled
Dark Arts Dabbler
Dark Arts Dabbler Před 14 dny
I can’t believe he quit after like 18 episodes
Poop Looser64
Poop Looser64 Před 15 dny
It's honestly awesome how Jack's parents interact with him
The Man Downstairs
The Man Downstairs Před 16 dny
gonna miss the monthly round of "forehead man gay lol" jokes in my youtube feed
Normal Guest
Normal Guest Před 18 dny
I Just Wanted You To Say "No It Isn't" #YGSEveryFriday
Spiffy _
Spiffy _ Před 19 dny
"I'm retiring that series [YGS] after 2020." Oh no. What will I do without YGS, *_literally_*
Instagram User 333.01
Vish the Fish
Vish the Fish Před 19 dny
Let’s get an f in the chat
Oli Cheatle
Oli Cheatle Před 19 dny
Good riddance. Now we will finally see YGS every Friday.
Knucklehead McSlazzatron
Valentine's Day isn't canceled don't worry
chaos kitchen
chaos kitchen Před 19 dny
shout out to the answer that jack gave to the guy that had a girl in his league. He inspired me to confess to my crush and turned out she actually kinda liked me so now i finally have a girlfriend. Thanks jack
Ice KX
Ice KX Před 20 dny
It hurts
JackHood Productions
sifo Před 20 dny
The New Kid in The Kingdom
This was the lask jaskask
The New Kid in The Kingdom
@Mr. Irrelevant so is Jask a misspelling, it’s also a joke.
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant Před 25 dny
First of all *lask* is a misspelling. Second: Yes, that's EXACTLY what the title says.
mastrblastr8 Před 27 dny
i wonder if winetime will still survive?
Loromc Před 28 dny
Guess it was the same reason jacksepticeye stop reading your comments
Grth0s Před 29 dny
Why socks and sandles.......... *WHY?!*
Alpha Lax
Alpha Lax Před měsícem
Why is Jack so wet
Dawsachu Před měsícem
Maybe just one more
NickPie 43
NickPie 43 Před měsícem
A Few years later.... The Last YIAY
GORG PAG Před měsícem
Why younger me thought that it was "jackass"
lolkedsw Před měsícem
Good ridence
Braxton Před měsícem
6:05 mmmmm feet 🥵🥵🥵
Roberto Před měsícem
I hope to see a continuation of this series later. It’ll be missed.
Jacob Cabrera
Jacob Cabrera Před měsícem
Kotobaru J.R.
Kotobaru J.R. Před měsícem
I never saw jack the same again. So when can we get some #techtalk ?
Mr. Puffy
Mr. Puffy Před měsícem
oh boy fewer original series and more yiay spinoffs and variants yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Aquaaa_ Před měsícem
3:13 this is a test
Aquaaa_ Před měsícem
it didn't work
diarykeeper Před měsícem
1:52 No prob doc house
L-Y3T Před měsícem
3:33 I agree, Jack. Wholeheartedly
Drew Waldron
Drew Waldron Před měsícem
Jack dumps his last series in which he creates original jokes without us doing it for him
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Před měsícem
I love the grease stain on his neck
Camilo Osio
Camilo Osio Před měsícem
People need to realize that Jack isn't a robot.
Elma HK
Elma HK Před měsícem
César Arteaga
César Arteaga Před měsícem
I make my way back to this every once in a while somehow
Quite Comedic
Quite Comedic Před měsícem
john put this in the jackask playlist or does this not count as the finale?
MrSucc Před měsícem
Last question should've been "are you gay," so it could go full circle.
Some Person On the Internet
Fuck now I’m even more sad
InnDe Před měsícem
I want to become a youtube
oriskrk Před měsícem
There is now a class distinction between successful CSshowsrs and viewers that didn't use to be there.
Chivamaru de las rosas
Chivamaru de las rosas Před měsícem
Was really waiting for a “season 2 coming soon” at the end
Ausaka Před měsícem
i love how he's much more serious this time, especially with the becoming a youtuber part
Snakebite126 Před měsícem
Add this to the JackAsk playlist you stinky little baby
Kelleck Před měsícem
3:50 Jack to the future felt like a fever dream
Alex Valdez
Alex Valdez Před měsícem
I just realized that the Jackask tune is ascending while before it was descending. Nice touch.
Andrew Před měsícem
mastrblastr8 Před měsícem
Rest in peace, Jackask, MAKE WAY FOR TECHTALK
Pixelxy8 Videos
Pixelxy8 Videos Před měsícem
We will keep asking you questions and you can't ignore us.
Hellcat060 Před měsícem
The guy who got to ask what the sponser was for the final time must feel so proud
Bacekechi Před měsícem
Idk man. Talk about how jackask is a dying format but your channel is basically just YIAY and YIAY related things. Not to say that jackask isn’t a dying format, but you’re like over 500 YIAY episodes in and I don’t see how you dont get burnout as well. Quitting this and then making YIAYtime is like a slap in the face to people who have been watching your channel for a while.
Bacekechi Před měsícem
Also just me venting. This is just how I feel. It’s your career at this point and obviously you gotta treat this whole CSshows gig differently if you plan to live off it. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter that much.
Es Trella's Vidyas
Es Trella's Vidyas Před měsícem
This makes me legitimately sad, been watching since my Freshman year and have a lot of memories tied to the like 2014-2016, YGS every Friday! I know the channel isn't going anywhere but it's just sad to see the that content go away. Bring back wimpy-boybands! Where are they now?
One Two
One Two Před měsícem
Ya okbut ygs evey fri tho
Avalanche TV
Avalanche TV Před měsícem
3:50 left me freaking out.
kitsada 2.0
kitsada 2.0 Před měsícem
So 2020 is over, no more ygs éh
TrueYahli Před měsícem
lay lover
lay lover Před měsícem
It's sad to hear him say he had more fun making videos back in the day. I hope he really starts making more videos he enjoys ;)
No Life 77
No Life 77 Před měsícem
I read the title as, “the last jackass”
Dopey도폐 Před měsícem
almost everyone is acting Jack fucking died
colly407 Před měsícem
Honestly, YGS was supposed to end like after the 100 one, which you said was the LAST OOOONNE so how long until you say fuck it and do it AGAIN *AGAIN* HEEEHH?!?!?!?
vivian garcia
vivian garcia Před měsícem
MegaGermanShepherds Před měsícem
Man! I only had three videos back in September 2011 and January 2012 with only 3 subscribers (still kept my channel all these years as music)! Back then CSshows was so easy to find people too. That piano music was so sad to listen to after hearing you sing JackAsk so much!
morphingtom2.0 Před měsícem
This is surprisingly insightful and thoughtful
SoLikeWhatsPopping Před měsícem
cant wait for the next jackask :D
Hayley Mitchell
Hayley Mitchell Před měsícem
This is the most serious I’ve ever seen shack it’s a bit scary
Nora T
Nora T Před měsícem
*S h a c k*
Logan McDaniel
Logan McDaniel Před měsícem
Thought this said the last jackass lmao sry 😂😂😂
TFG Television
TFG Television Před měsícem
I started my channel to review my transformers figures, but my “reviews” are starting to become less of official reviews and more “I have a toy it does a thing that’s what it does ok bye” I mean I have a format and stuff but in some of the videos I forget to do something and they really suck
Ayden B.
Ayden B. Před měsícem
Dude I would dig a podcast with Erin and Jack
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian Před měsícem
Honestly I see alternatives for YGS and JackAsk that would work well, with JackAsk just have Erin on a lot more often and answer some questions seriously and some sarcastically. And with YGS, just make them infrequently and when you do make them skits like they were in YGS 100. That’s really the only way you can make YGS funny, but it works really well.
Rohit Před měsícem
sneak dissing cr1tikal💀
Amira Před měsícem
"After 2020, YGS is over" /looks at date *no*
Eltin Tand
Eltin Tand Před 2 měsíci
He was serious for most of this video
Lpeter Před 2 měsíci
Jack ask the sequilllll?1?1?!1!!1
Frank Schnurr
Frank Schnurr Před 2 měsíci
John Doe
John Doe Před 2 měsíci
Awe YGS is honestly kinda tired at this point but JaskAsk was my favorite. Can't wait to see what's next though I would love to see some wired ass shit though Jack and I'll always be here waiting in baited breath for the next JacksFilms upload my guy
Re3_Eric Před 2 měsíci
Lets Hope he doesnt get the RWJ Treatment
Valkin dboss
Valkin dboss Před 2 měsíci
Huh, hasn't posted a jackask in awhile
Andrea Carpenter
Andrea Carpenter Před 2 měsíci
The last??? But I need to know: Are you gay?
maro Před 2 měsíci
is there going to be an end for YIAY?
TECH TALK (not JackAsk #105)
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Name our new puppy! (YIAY #501)