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Jack and Erin dish out relationship advice to viewers, despite having zero professional expertise in the subject.
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13. 03. 2021





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Kris Komar
Kris Komar Před 5 hodinami
Wait, what happened to Kristen?
Watery Guffman
Watery Guffman Před dnem
husband and wife talking to each other in completely separate parts of their own home through a call
david black
david black Před 4 dny
Twitter for Android
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner Před 5 dny
The man gave the people what they want
Oscar Barria
Oscar Barria Před 15 dny
I went straight up to search jack's Beatles cover. I wrote jack and autocomplete went straight to -films Beatles cover.
Changed Name
Changed Name Před 18 dny
Erin YAEGER???
yeatruestory Před 23 dny
Hasn't done it since
Eon Před 26 dny
What if John and Erin have the same boyfriend? I mean Erins background looks like their house, and in one of the drunk jackasks, Erin said that she tells people at bars that She and Jack are part of a thruple 🤔
Jojo Reyes
Jojo Reyes Před měsícem
“Awful Beatles Cover” is to Jack as “White Girl Raps ‘Hamilton’ For Way Too Long (Uncut)” is to Erin. They really are made for each other.
Little T
Little T Před měsícem
Anyone know if trevor made his vid?
Angelic Obscurities
Angelic Obscurities Před měsícem
We’re slowly watching the divorce.
Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache
Every time Jack dabs, I barf...
Jakov Matić
Jakov Matić Před měsícem
But he a giant B00mer am i right or am i right gamers?
Helen Larreau
Helen Larreau Před měsícem
imagine being married to a man who dabs
Elsy C
Elsy C Před měsícem
Where is the link, *John*
BiggieDogs Před měsícem
This jack individual .
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Před měsícem
I didn't realize Jarod from Subway was dying of AIDS. But what's his MTF transexual parole officer with botched plastic surgery doing hanging out with him?
Memeaton Před měsícem
Who’s watching in 2013
Jakov Matić
Jakov Matić Před měsícem
Me. Oh me sir!
teddycuthbert Před měsícem
2:50 - 3:10
NmMindstorm Před měsícem
Jack and Erin have such a sweet dynamic. They joke a lot about Jack's "job," but it's clear how much they love each other
Xavier Zúñiga
Xavier Zúñiga Před měsícem
his wife is so much more interesting than jack
I hate Olives
I hate Olives Před měsícem
Why tf does Trisha hate you so much?
b Před měsícem
i love that they go back and forth between giving the WORST advice
EngieSquar3d Před měsícem
Hey dude just wondering something. Are you Bill Hader's twin?
Jxudo Před měsícem
Can you please never invite him again Jack?
ExtremeCheese Před měsícem
So I just saw the king and I was watching it on my screen lol I was like a white white blue orange brown green brown pink pink purple pink pink yellow green yellow yellow green green brown green green red pink yellow blue blue red pink blue red yellow green green brown brown pink pink blue blue orange.
Roblox Boi
Roblox Boi Před měsícem
Yiay every day
angelcar Před měsícem
Jack did a Twitter for Android answer for that first question
Mrazq Zelen Bob
Mrazq Zelen Bob Před měsícem
3:44 shortcut to the video in question: csshows.info/up/video/YNqf0mzOsn-2kJg.html You're welcome lmaooo 😂😂😂
Tyler Wise
Tyler Wise Před měsícem
Stereo finna be the among us of sponsors
The Equipped
The Equipped Před měsícem
"Finally, some good freaking content"
Emily Matta
Emily Matta Před měsícem
Very cool love the erin show
DahMeh928 Před měsícem
That second one made me laugh because its true XD at least for me
Orangukey Před měsícem
The avatars opening their mouths to random house audio is so fucking funny to me I don't know why
Michał Patkowski
Michał Patkowski Před měsícem
On Yiay 460 you said if you make a podcast it will be called "erin's the funny one"
Henry’s funny Videos
Henry’s funny Videos Před měsícem
Hello everyone if you see this comment can you comment back also ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN 29 DAYS
Cudket Před měsícem
Dang, this felt really short.
David Baines
David Baines Před měsícem
I had a dream where Erin took over the channel and renamed it "Erin Heck" and heck stood for something but my dream ended before I could find out.
Tal Hanin
Tal Hanin Před měsícem
The Erin Andre Show?
Azvael Před měsícem
Damn I thought this was the 'How many steps I take in a day' Erin show, very disappointed johnfilms
CisforCock Před měsícem
That advice about Entrapping a guy into a relationship is Absolutely horrible advice. I remember being almost 14, and this girl who took interest in me had devised some sort of maze to make me her boyfriend, but since she was somewhat older, her thought processes were quite superior to mine (tbh Ive always maintained the ability to be really naive), so I came to bore her quite early, and in the end it turned into a fucking soap opera. For anyone who thinks "but you were children, and there is a difference between that and rational adults" I think that opinion wouldnt hold against the laws of human nature, because whatever kind of dishonesty exists, it either can be righted through Exposing the truth of it, or It Will End whatever situation it is attributed to, no matter what time it take.
CanceriousIG Před měsícem
I saw the song on youtube, and i can definitely say the dump was adequate
Arpita Adhikary
Arpita Adhikary Před měsícem
Why are they in separate rooms???????? Are they divorced now? ERIN SAVE URSELF
Yeeyee Před měsícem
2:52 couldn't agree more
Warvell1 Před měsícem
OK, so I'm a bit late, but that Stereo app thing that Jack talks about has a REALLY shady and really bad privacy policy. It uses your information to basically advertise to your phone contacts and tries to use disguised wording to say "yeah we target the SHIT out of you and will most likely sell your information". Don't download it. Its not worth it.
Warvell1 Před měsícem
Last thing (god I hate how CSshows works on mobile)... Did I forgot also to mention that all your phone contacts are recommended to follow you under whatever pseudonym you chose on the app without your permission? This means they could very potentially deduce who you are, despite the pointlessly thin veneer illusion of privacy granted to you by a user handle. They make it seem like you have at least some modicum of privacy, but this is not even remotely true in any way. You are 100% identifiable, as even random people on your phone list, which might include businesses, exes, random coworkers, passing acquaintances, etc, could EASILY find ways to deduce who are you are on the app, despite them giving you a user name which bears repeating: this app totallt defeats the point of user handles because someone you forgot was on your contact list can totally just dox you.
Warvell1 Před měsícem
And this is all associated to YOU. Theres nothing about even aggregated info. They just do the BARE LEGAL MINIMUM.
Warvell1 Před měsícem
Collects your clicks, collects your gender for literally no reason and without consent just because it can (not a big deal but it says something they are using legal defense just for this little inch of info alone,collects your authentic name (for no reason), collects your CHAT LOG and says nothing about not using it, collects nearly precise location (cant remember if it was "opt-out", but still...), and probably most undeniably bad, collects your SEARCH TERMS.
cris Před měsícem
bts stands for boty tickle sistser
Briana Williams
Briana Williams Před měsícem
ami the only one noticing the hickey?
OsumDagN Před měsícem
Jack, I just had a YIAY idea. "De-Clickbait this CSshows video title."
Catales Před měsícem
Did you fix the spanish flag? If you didn't, please fix IT 🇪🇦
Yousha Zaidi
Yousha Zaidi Před měsícem
Butt Slayer
Butt Slayer Před měsícem
shave ur head it's over bro
idek Před měsícem
why did i look up her tiktok and stay on the app for 2 more hours
James At
James At Před měsícem
Therein Show?
Kas Mavaddat
Kas Mavaddat Před měsícem
someone put link to he vidoe he talm bout
Khaled K
Khaled K Před měsícem
YIAY question for me plz
Khaled K
Khaled K Před měsícem
isnt it friday
Phillin' Up
Phillin' Up Před měsícem
I really want the link to Trevor's CSshows channel :(
D. W.
D. W. Před měsícem
I think I know one of the couples on here. And they really should not be dating.
Nadja Před měsícem
oh is she at her boyfriends house?
WHOMST'D'VE Před měsícem
1:15 this dude is down BAD
Naokarma Sourcream
Naokarma Sourcream Před měsícem
Advice for the person at 5:20 Force yourself to get a single word out. That's all you need in order to start talking. Don't think about what to say, just that you have to say something. That'll get passed the resistance of courage, and force you to not stop talking halfway through a sentence.
Tim Salvador
Tim Salvador Před měsícem
Erin has the perfect supervillain laugh Change my mind
Rawr Dino
Rawr Dino Před měsícem
What's the video he made for that girl. Hey at least she didn't break up with him cuz of a song like the hey Delilah guy
Pirkage Před měsícem
why. Why isn't this called "Erins the funny one"
Tristan Před měsícem
theelusive1 with the smackdown
J UV Před měsícem
No St. Patrick's Day YIAY?
TheLonelyMoon Před měsícem
jack my wifes boyfriend has been cold to me for a few days because i threw out the trash two hours late and he told me i smell just like that pile of trash. can you help me restore my relationship with him?
Horhe Vamp
Horhe Vamp Před měsícem
Where is the video?
Aura Bozzi
Aura Bozzi Před měsícem
Hi I'm new. Is it me or this guy's forehead is awfully large?
Dave Jay
Dave Jay Před měsícem
I mean, if they are HER TWEETS, she can't really complain about the lyrics... ...what's she going to whine about, the melody of it?
Dave Jay
Dave Jay Před měsícem
Erin's one week pregnant......
Cristy Stan
Cristy Stan Před měsícem
Jack, how do you feel about the fact that Avatar is again the highest grossing movie after being re-released in China?
Guillermo Huamán Ch.
Guillermo Huamán Ch. Před měsícem
2:54 I feel called out
Faseanable bandman
Faseanable bandman Před měsícem
why is she in a different room? it feels like they're separated
dabrianator Před měsícem
Better than yiay time already
Pootie Tyme
Pootie Tyme Před měsícem
Idea: take all the facts from fake facts that had to be changed, and make posters for those!
memer verse
memer verse Před měsícem
I love how Jack and Erin didn't even answer the question about shooting a shot.
Rex Uisus
Rex Uisus Před měsícem
How does it feel that Avatar edged out Avengers: Endgame again?
Avery Mullet
Avery Mullet Před měsícem
Here's the link if you're not in the discord: csshows.info/up/video/YNqf0mzOsn-2kJg.html
Mingus Před měsícem
imagine having to beg someone to marry you. yikes
Juri From Italy
Juri From Italy Před měsícem
I'm 2:30 in the video but I want the song now
Victoria Lehr
Victoria Lehr Před měsícem
I hope there are some people out there willing to help someone go to University & better their life, instead of encouraging people like Gorilla Glue people to do stupid things for money... I am in a VERY bad spot in life, and I am trying to further myself and make life better and further my education... And I feel like people feel like they need to stoop to doing such dumb things, in order to have any form of successful campaign.... I wanted to make it to school THIS year.... But I couldn't raise the money by my deadline.... Not even close.... Yet I watch all these other fundraisers, (especially the really stupid ones......) get a lot of funds raised....... Now, I have to wait over a year to make it to the next enrollment....And that is VERY scary for me, because I am NOT in a good life and living situation right now..... If I want to go to school next year, I need to raise the funds by THIS November..... And I have to figure out what I can do in the meantime to not be in an unhealthy physical and mental environment... So please, I ask anyone who sees this, if everyone who ever saw this, even donated $1, I'd be a good portion of the way there... I've spent DAYS Tweeting this to HUNDREDS of people and companies on Twitter, posting comments and messages on Instagram, and NO ONE HELPED!!!!! Not a single person who I Tweeted or posted to on Insta.... The only people who helped are my sister, a friend of mine, and a friend of a friend... That's IT! Not even my parents.... And these people alone, can't help me get all the way to my goal..... So please, help someone further their education, and get out of a bad situation in life..... I've already had a bad mental break down and I can't risk that again, or I could really hurt myself worse... And there's not even anyone I can speak to professionally in the area I live.. It's bad... GoFindMe.com/f/JapanUniversity I really hope some people can find it in their hearts to help.... Let's start helping people further their education have better life circumstances, instead of people doing things like glue in their hair or body parts..... ______________ *For anyone who is curious, the funding will go towards my schooling costs, living expenses, transportation expenses, and food expenses. It helps cover EVERYTHING!!!!!! FOR 2 years!!!!* And for anyone who wants to hate on me for trying to raise funds to go to school., you should be trying to do more with your own life.... Because at least I am attempting to do something with mine...
TheOtherGuys2 Před měsícem
You know, ladies, you are also allowed to pop the question if you think it's time. You can also just ask, it doesn't have to be a whole thing.
Best of Best Studio
Best of Best Studio Před měsícem
They finally got divorced and are now in different homes
Alejandro Andrés Hernández
This was nice but too short
Alejandro Andrés Hernández
Tooo shoooort
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn Před měsícem
I love the fan question shit.
aridogg2 Před měsícem
I love her hard laugh. She seems really fun
The Ultimate Succ
The Ultimate Succ Před měsícem
Kind of wish I could have gotten in on this. Advice would be nice rn
Kiv Před měsícem
Yo Jack is so old and our of touch, like he's still hilarious, but a part of him died in 2018 and he's just a major millennial now
rfswag Před měsícem
jack is the most tolerable millenial
King Simon
King Simon Před měsícem
Where that video
Moon67 Před měsícem
trevor write that song
Ben Mad Scientist
Ben Mad Scientist Před měsícem
i am fan of jack film
Knight Productions
Knight Productions Před měsícem
I love how everytime i watch jacks vid i get a ad for a android phone
Sawyer k.
Sawyer k. Před měsícem
This was not poggers
rareblues78daddy Před měsícem
Oh, God... not _another_ fucking app. No.
Christopher Holden
Christopher Holden Před měsícem
This is my favorite show!
Ankush Kumar
Ankush Kumar Před měsícem
Avatar beats endgame today 💪💪💪💥
Ogie Rogelio ll
Ogie Rogelio ll Před měsícem
love the video but that dab is painful
Hunter Covington
Hunter Covington Před měsícem
Marraige ends at some point too. One way or another Edit: some point. Makes more sense that way
Jacob Crawford
Jacob Crawford Před měsícem
I really want this song from Trevor
Perfectly Cut Screams #4
MTV's Most Awkward Show
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