MANSION (feat. 2toesup) 

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5 bedroom, 6 bath
Marble floors and a pool in the back
Downstairs, got a gym and a sauna
And my god, have you seen the closet
Welcome to the theater, the movie doesn't matter
Got a library with its own dang ladder
Use wide-angle when you're taking pics
I only got 1 car, my garage holds six
Wine cellar holds tastings every day at noon
The master bathtub sits in its own damn room
Water fountain in the driveway just for fun
You wanna hang out at my pool, you better ask which one
Now don't misunderstand, man, this isn't a flex
I'm not describing what I got 'cause I don't have it yet
No I ain't even close, but that's why I'm writing this anthem
Just to let you all know that
Damn I wanna
Damn I wanna
Get lost in my
Don't need much, just want a 7 million dollar
Damn I wanna
Get lost in my
Don't need much, just want a 20 million dollar
I don't care what you think
My kitchen has 2 sink
If that sound confusing
Well that sound like a you thing
I don't want a mansion, I want an estate
I won't look unless the square footage start with an 8
Where every bedroom has room for Alaskan kings
I don't need a Red Bull, 'cause my house has wings
You don't even know how much I need it, it's bad
I wanna find rooms I didn't even know I had
Shouldn't look like a house, should look like a resort
I don't play any sports, but I need a court
The bowling alley's where people start to lose it
And the 3rd floor has just the best acoustics
I just wanna find a home that you can see from space
With a guest house bigger than my parents' place
Damn I wanna
Get lost in my
Don't need much, just want a 40 million dollar
Damn I wanna
Get lost in my
Don't need much, don't need much
I'm not greedy, I don't want too much
I just want a house that would make Tom Cruise blush
And most want cars, cash, clothes, yea I'm well aware
I just want a house that's bigger than Delaware
10 bedroom, 12 bath
Golden floors, helipad in the back
You gotta enter through my 10 foot doors
The elevator takes you to all 5 floors
And the bar's fully stocked if you need more ice
I don't really use the dining room, but it's nice
The courtyard's so stupid, it'll give you chills
All the guest bathrooms have jack and jills
The view from the balcony can't be beat
Only way to measure my TVs are in feet
The gift wrap room is a damn fine perk
And you need 4 routers so the Wi-Fi works
So hear my call, my prayer, my plea
I just want a monstrosity
That's roughly the size of a small city
Just give me the keys, I'm on my knees, I'm beggin' you, please
Damn I wanna
Get lost in my
Don't need much, just want a 20 million dollar
Damn I wanna
Damn I wanna
Get lost
Get lost
Get lost


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9. 02. 2021





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GameKeeper28 Před 2 dny
I can't go a week without listening to this on Spotify.
Chicken Nug
Chicken Nug Před 3 dny
Nobody is appreciating how good John did they only pay attention to whoever 2toesup is😒😞
Evs_ Před 4 dny
3:11 “Get lost” thanks erin
Yuki Dawn
Yuki Dawn Před 5 dny
Very late on this but DAMN this is catchy as hell. And Erin can really sing too! This whole video is just good vibes; I approve
Envy Před 5 dny
"Use wide-angle when you're taking pics" now that's an amazing joke
Henrik137 Před 7 dny
when he showed Luigi's Mansion and a random Minecraft house i instantly knew i needed to like this video
danceswithdirt Před 8 dny
Holy shit Erin can sing. Mad props.
Philip Pedersen
Philip Pedersen Před 8 dny
I’ve been listening to this for 2 months on Spotify without realizing it was jacksfilms
another person speaking
The high notes at the end brought me back to the days of Autotune Jesus.
MochiMations _SI
MochiMations _SI Před 10 dny
You need about 2 billion dollars if you want a house with every luxury ever
MochiMations _SI
MochiMations _SI Před 10 dny
This song was made for my mom we’ve been looking into getting a bigger house for the past 12 years
feri :D
feri :D Před 11 dny
my kitchen haves two sink too man.
Zacky2613 Před 13 dny
Girls when you ask them out: 3:11
Conor Kindlon
Conor Kindlon Před 14 dny
Imagine loosing your phone in a mansion that’s roughly the size of a small city
Jakob Finley
Jakob Finley Před 14 dny
Gotta say this song is actually really good
Sir Steven Harvey III
Shouldn’t it say he owns too many cars
x0xBabsx0x Před 17 dny
Can I find this on Smule???!! No joke I really wanna Sing this lol
c0dex Před 17 dny
This is criminally underrated
JunkSplash Animates
JunkSplash Animates Před 18 dny
i accidentally started typing the lyrics to this on my essay lol
Jug Před 18 dny
1:48 best mansion
No, this is not my real name
Jack: Damn I wanna mansion Erin: **buys Jack a mansion** Jack: I don't want a mansion, I want an estate
Claire Oldolva
Claire Oldolva Před 22 dny
Took me at least 7 times watching this to catch the minecraft mansion
NikABoi Před 23 dny
Is anyone gonna talk about Erin's amazing Singing voice?
The Unfriendly Canadian
This video has the same vibes as the videos you see in hotels telling you what to do in the city
Ventsolo Před 25 dny
See, this is good, it just needs a Ukulele solo
Reuben Simmons
Reuben Simmons Před 26 dny
Damn that is a nice closet. Shame i already out. :(
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson Před 28 dny
This deserves more than half a million views. This deserves so many more.
Peg Před 28 dny
the picture of luigi's mansion broke me
phanfinger Před 28 dny
Shit, this is very catchy
skently Před 28 dny
erin is good singer
Yokikoki Před měsícem
Bruh only 500,000 views
Ed Jones
Ed Jones Před měsícem
Lost out in the (housing crash) Homeless from the (housing crash) Bubble burst in (housing crash) Live with parents (housing crash)
Gerard Pacheco
Gerard Pacheco Před měsícem
Tubbo and Ranboo be like:
Cole Hoggart
Cole Hoggart Před měsícem
I want an indoor rock climbing room, an indoor and outdoor infinity pool, a master bedroom on the west side of the mansion overlooking the beach, and a gothic tower style library with 5 floors of dark red carpets perfect for covering up a murder with a spiral stair case in the middle.
Doodle Byte
Doodle Byte Před 24 dny
Perfect murder mystery setup + extra indulgences.
Alrek Arinbjorn
Alrek Arinbjorn Před měsícem
02:44 No need for 4 whole wireless routers. 1 router, 3 range extenders. Fight smarter, not harder.
DiscoPotato Před měsícem
1:52 subtle minecraft mansion
Sad Badaim72
Sad Badaim72 Před měsícem
3:11 Jesus I get it, I will leave.
oceanix Před měsícem
"CSshows is a real job!" John cried in the closet.
Big Brain
Big Brain Před měsícem
Big Brain
Big Brain Před měsícem
@Ascyt e, deal with it.
Ascyt Před měsícem
Jeez, why so political?!
Eva Moody
Eva Moody Před měsícem
I’m not sure what prompted this but I’m not complaining
nixspirit Před měsícem
3:09 when erin tells you to get lost
runforitman Před měsícem
what you want is a mall
Oh Hi Mark
Oh Hi Mark Před měsícem
I just noticed that jack got lazy writing lyrics at the end of the video
swheekun Před měsícem
I don't want a mansion as much as I want the household staff required by a mansion. Pastry chef anyone? Maids? Harem of pool boys?
Plumbuster Před měsícem
I see you've hit mid life crisis
The Italian Sausage
The Italian Sausage Před měsícem
This entire video I was just thinking "I can take you to a manshian way out in Winscansin
epicsamurai5 Před měsícem
We need more singing Erin.
BeaneCat Před měsícem
God, I can't stop listening to this. It's so good.
keen *
keen * Před měsícem
it's cute that Jack tried to impersonate Erin at the end
E Před měsícem
The little screaming jack is like awesome
pooper Před měsícem
"i just want a house thats bigger than delaware" delaware's size is 6,446 km2 the biggest mansion currently in the world (from a quick google search) is only 0.0166227693 km2 so that means delaware can fit 387,781 copies of the biggest mansion you would need a mansion 387,781.354819 bigger than the biggest one in the world to take up the entirety of delaware and if we use the square footage he showed at about 1:12 (8552 sq ft), delaware could fit 8,113,209 copies of that mansion
Tapirs are under-appreciated
This is the catchiest thing I've heard in a LONG time. God, this is gonna get stuck in my head. I'm gonna be singing this while cleaning birdcages at my minimum wage pet store job.
Cameronius Pridelia
Cameronius Pridelia Před měsícem
I don't care what. you. think. My kitchen has. two. sink If that sound. confusing? Well, that sound like a. y o u. t h i n g.
Paly Martinez
Paly Martinez Před měsícem
Im seriously listening to this masterpiece on the daily jack congrats
TheAdvertisement Před měsícem
Dang I wasn't Erin expecting to just jump in and kill it with that chorus!
commenter any videos
commenter any videos Před měsícem
But our kitchen does too
Kapoink Před měsícem
Underrated as fuck
tree glasses
tree glasses Před měsícem
watching this after finally getting my first 1 room apartment :)
TheRodway Před měsícem
Who wants to bet this song is based of a random conversation they both had?
WildFire Yoga
WildFire Yoga Před měsícem
Love Erin's singing voice!!
omer michaely
omer michaely Před měsícem
I just noticed the minecraft mansion i can't handle this Edit: I just noticed Luigi i can't handle this
IamDave and have a nice day
1:03 Im offensive and I find that orthodox and jewish
Enrico Před měsícem
so wait, there are mansions bigger than Vatican City?!
Marlz Carlz
Marlz Carlz Před měsícem
Nobody: Erin: "Get lost."
mastrblastr8 Před měsícem
yeah but imagine cleaning one of these damn things, nice try
Card_Bored Před měsícem
Whenever someone says something negative about me. Me: "I don't care what you think. My kitchen had two sink."
Naomi Torres
Naomi Torres Před měsícem
Ngl tho sounds like this was made by the great value version of Lin Manuel Miranda
Naomi Torres
Naomi Torres Před měsícem
Wow the main singer is amazing. Very good vocals. Beautiful voice. Jack was fine i guess
legobuilderfrom2000 Před měsícem
i watched this too many time and i only just saw the minecraft mansion at 1:49
TheSebbeb Před měsícem
Sweet of Erin to feature Jack in her song! She must have worked hard on the song
Ethan Slavin
Ethan Slavin Před měsícem
my square footage starts with an 8... 84
Ian Barrett
Ian Barrett Před měsícem
Why does this go so haaaooord
FinCom Před měsícem
Who’s the guy in the video ?
FinCom Před měsícem
@Никола Колевски that explains it
Никола Колевски
Jack Douglass. He's got under a thousand subs and it was kinda hard to find him because he wasn:t in the description.
TheDarkestKnight Před měsícem
This is lokey very good!
Simply Statistical
Simply Statistical Před měsícem
I love the screaming cowboy reference at 3:14
murmol444 Před měsícem
Why are there so few views?
Draftmission Před měsícem
The algorithm hit him. That's what happens when you go for a longer period of time w/o uploading something
RhymeMastaMasse Před měsícem
It's the vocal runs that Jack does in the background that really get me 🤣
Random Awesome
Random Awesome Před měsícem
I just wish Jack would mix the songs a little more like actual songs. It just sounds like him reading YIAY questions over a instrumental. Which is a shame cause i really like this song.
CloudMountainJuror Před měsícem
I think that cheapness is part of the charm and personality. But I do agree this song could have potential with a more polished production job. If I had to pick between it possibly becoming overproduced and bland and just having this version, though, I’d pick this version.
flaffle waffle
flaffle waffle Před měsícem
1:08 he’s yelling proudly because he dropped those bars with ease
Telepathix Před měsícem
i can't tell which is more impressive: erin's singing or jack's vocal range
Caiqun Huang
Caiqun Huang Před měsícem
Remember me from 2020?
Robert McKim Thomas
Robert McKim Thomas Před měsícem
Love this. Erin needs to have more time in these songs.
Stev18 Před měsícem
Magellanic Před měsícem
you misspelled "hell yeah"
Vulgarasz Leandrosz
Vulgarasz Leandrosz Před měsícem
rinkachi Před měsícem
i dont care what you think my kitchen has two sink
CIA Před měsícem
rinkachi Před měsícem
@CIA well that sound like a you thing
CIA Před měsícem
If that sounds confusing
DJSilly9 Před měsícem
Erin is really good, but y'all are sleeping on Jack's high notes
Swordterranean40 Před měsícem
1:48 Is no one gonna talk about the Minecraft mansion?
Zachary Daniel Uy
Zachary Daniel Uy Před měsícem
Don’t think too hard, he just wants a big empty house.
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez Před 2 měsíci
0:59 i dont know what i expected but it wasnt this
Charles Wright
Charles Wright Před 2 měsíci
3:20 YOOO they showed my house there for a couple of frames
Jerryd Hasslehoff
Jerryd Hasslehoff Před měsícem
Prove it charles
Grimsanity Před 2 měsíci
Erin looks like she's having fun. Damn I want to have a water park in my back yard.
Its ya boi Nestle Clapper
Its ya boi Nestle Clapper Před 2 měsíci
This is literally just “I’m On A Boat” but instead of T-Pain it’s Erin.. 😂😂
Sad Badaim72
Sad Badaim72 Před 2 měsíci
Let’s help them get a mansion.
W0lfi18 Před 2 měsíci
I forgot who 2ToesUp was, and I *lost my shit* when I hear Erin.
Simon Dol
Simon Dol Před 2 měsíci
Well, when are you getting your mansion?
Stenen Před 2 měsíci
imagine how much editing this masterpiece took
Pandex101 Před 2 měsíci
1:20 he stubbed his toe then used it in the song
SingingWithMyself Před měsícem
Erin: 2toesup Jack: 1 toe down
Beige Fedora
Beige Fedora Před 2 měsíci
I fucking lost it at "My kitchen has two sink"
Sam R eye
Sam R eye Před 2 měsíci
Congratulations! You just beat the world record for most stock images in one video!
Voidwolf LZ
Voidwolf LZ Před 2 měsíci
I’ve listened to this 19 times already
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