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Need relationship advice? You’ve come to the wrong place. Our players compete for the YIAY TIME crown and share their expertise around pick-up lines and break-up tactics. The audience votes for the best answers and throws in their two cents. This episode features CSshows Creators - Abelina Sabrina, Poudii, and Jonica ‘Blu’ Booth


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7. 04. 2021





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maggotbreath Před 6 dny
ur all being so annoying the show is fine
Nobody Před 13 dny
Why is this actually good
sheets Před 17 dny
This one was even better than the last! Not sure if it was just the subject matter being easier to work with, or the contestants themselves, but everyone was funnier this time, even the first loser.
laciee Před 17 dny
Incredibly boring. Jack talks in slow motion for no reason. Episode is too drawn out, it could have been 5 minutes long. The Poudii guy was trying way too hard to be funny by saying the same thing several times "Hu hu hu hu I am 7 feet tall hu hu hu hu hu". He failed miserably. The draw was staged, Sabrina should have won then instead of the extra round. This show is awful and the last three letters of Jack's last name. The best part of this episode was Abelina Sabrina, nothing and no one else. How much did CSshows pay you to sell out and do this garbage, Jack?
Ben Rex
Ben Rex Před 17 dny
I think it would be better if people didn't get eliminated each round. That way we can have four funny answers each round. Instead it can be that the person who won the most rounds wins.
Purrpy Před 18 dny
"Describe your ex in 4 words" I don't have one
Plastic Rebel
Plastic Rebel Před 18 dny
End of every episode should be "Hey, I have a question for you?..." then lead into the next episode.
Plastic Rebel
Plastic Rebel Před 18 dny
My love life in 2020 was pretty good. Made a baby.
stas56491 Před 20 dny
Hmm, don't know any of the contestants. Going to skip this one, but keep up the good work, Jack
Demo Před 20 dny
Yea I still hate yiay time
Potential Caroozin
Potential Caroozin Před 21 dnem
I just realized why the music is so familiar, it feels like it’s from yo gabba gabba
J Colby
J Colby Před 21 dnem
My love life in 2020 was non existent, just like every other year. :(
Scabbin' Před 22 dny
Single and can’t fucking mingle
isovas Před 22 dny
Poudii would've won tbh
LangeManGlenn Před 22 dny
My love live in 2020. My best friend rejected me and now she's still acting very distant, and I just want my best friend back...
Generic Name
Generic Name Před 23 dny
Did Jonica blatently tried to pick Poudii up at 5:55??
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
I'm gonna read some of my favourite answers *reads one answer*
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
Good show, still entertaining even with the most unfunny bunch of people I ever saw on the internet
Natalie E
Natalie E Před 24 dny
Roses are red, violets are blue, daddy no likey, but daddy must do
Sin Zones
Sin Zones Před 24 dny
with all stars: three people you've never heard of before
bl4ck Před 24 dny
Fun fact: this video got 1/10 of views that the video on the response
GeekJokes Před 24 dny
oh come on, this is a lot better yeah sure, he couldve gone the slide whistle way, but it'd have to be A LOT (and it would age pretty fast)
Christian Weber
Christian Weber Před 24 dny
Roses are red, Violets are blue Poudi is 7'5, and he would have won too
Abrar Rahman
Abrar Rahman Před 24 dny
pog vid
Gommes Před 24 dny
leanne Před 24 dny
roses are red, violets are blue, pee pee pee, poo poo poo
Tharxis Před 24 dny
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm getting married, and the bride is not you.
Mr_Alberto Před 25 dny
No slide Whistle no party
final form
final form Před 25 dny
"I don't sweat" laughs in Prince andrew
Sajida Assaf
Sajida Assaf Před 25 dny
Jonica is so freaking pretty
Ice cold blue Sonic
Ice cold blue Sonic Před 25 dny
We did it Mr. Stark
Bee Před 26 dny
Here me out: a YIAY time made entirely of JACKS
Dylan23 Před 26 dny
I wish this wasn’t free because I have CSshows red and it’s all horrible every show is the worst.
Cooper Clare
Cooper Clare Před 26 dny
Best pick up line: *hands them lime* Them: what is this Me: It’s a pickup lime
Cooper Clare
Cooper Clare Před 26 dny
asteroid Před 26 dny
1% water 99% rock
Dominic Lombardi
Dominic Lombardi Před 26 dny
Who tf are any of these people?
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
I didn't know them either, but after watching this video, I still don't wanna know
Soleil Laberge
Soleil Laberge Před 26 dny
I really like this cast great episode
Ethanimations Před 26 dny
my love life in 2020 was a reason why 2020 was bad
Gawghels Před 26 dny
Roses are red, violets are blue, a whistle that slides, we bid you adeu
Bojack in philly
Bojack in philly Před 26 dny
It didn't happen
TheUnstoppableForce Před 26 dny
So... Jackbox
Gooner Před 26 dny
I can't get over how boring and unfunny this is.
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
Unfortunately Jack can't be funny for 4 people when three of them are boring as swedish news. Just get funnier guests
abstrusePaladin Před 26 dny
Peely The Banana
Peely The Banana Před 27 dny
Me me big boy?
Peely The Banana
Peely The Banana Před 27 dny
Yea me me big boy
Peely The Banana
Peely The Banana Před 27 dny
Me me big boy!
Bean Před 27 dny
This was actually funny, I like this episode.
Dit Dot
Dit Dot Před 27 dny
I really hope this mysterious "computer in the sky" slowly takes over until it completely controls everything
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost Před 27 dny
Yiay is the best thing ever
Bethany Green
Bethany Green Před 27 dny
It's ok Sabrina, I didn't know how my middle name was actually spelled til I was 10
Just Some YT user
Just Some YT user Před 27 dny
abelina sabrina is a beautiful name
RedBeretJim Před 27 dny
hahah u forhet big hahaha erin funi u not hahaha
DahMeh928 Před 27 dny
My love life in 2020 was Nonexistent
The Truth
The Truth Před 27 dny
I don't know who any of these CSshowsrs are..
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
I didn't know either, but after watching how unfunny they are in this video, I don't wanna know them even more
ׂ Před 27 dny
AnniZbear Před 27 dny
my love life in 2020: GAY GIRLFRIEND
Ryan Před 27 dny
these guests are insufferable. at least when juxtaposed with this. is that just me? they were obviously selected by out-of-touch youtube suits and not jack. nothing against their content or audience, theyre good at what they do, but it feels totally non-genuine, actors selected for their image regardless of humour.
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
Yep, didn't see people so unfunny and cringeworthy as these three, maybe Sabrina wasn't completely insufferable but still
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Před 27 dny
I liked them
Georgi Kostadinov
Georgi Kostadinov Před 28 dny
What is a "love life"? There is a pandemic
Yessir Před 28 dny
I did a country project for school and chose Nepal. Are you proud?
Jonhcarlo Yumang
Jonhcarlo Yumang Před 28 dny
Fix Philippines flag
Roebey Před 28 dny
6.8/10, not enough chef
James Coon
James Coon Před 28 dny
Jarrod Blake
Jarrod Blake Před 28 dny
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Před 28 dny
Luna R.
Luna R. Před 28 dny
* joke about no slide whistle *
Dougie26200 2
Dougie26200 2 Před 28 dny
Get them a few orders of dumplings from your local take-out restaurant. Then bring them the dumplings and say you don't want to see them anymore. Yay.
HamSamwitch Před 28 dny
My 2020 relationship was socially distanced.
Singham Gadhvi
Singham Gadhvi Před 28 dny
Is the channel dying ? Not even getting 1m views per video in past few months.
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
@Orhun He's changing all the time, that's why he stayed around for so long. He's super funny and creative, because you don't like the stuff he's doing now, that's no reason to unsubscribe and it definitely doesn't mean he's not successful
Orhun Před 28 dny
Yes it is . I unsubscribed already but sometimes come back to see how he’s doing . I’ve been subscribed to him for at least 10 years because of that i really can’t forget about him even though i unsubscribed . Highschool was bearable for me because of Jack , i remember as soon as i get back home i would watch his parodies like a thousand times Now I unsubscribed because he changed. He used to make 2-3 parodies in his older videos. I get it sometimes people change but i subscribed to him because i loved his parodies and i especially liked JackAsk . I enjoyed it so much . Never been a fan of YIAY , in my opinion it should’ve stayed on the second channel . Now that my favorite show JackAsk is cancelled and he hardly ever does PMS , there is no reason for me to stay here . I really like Jack and he was a huge part of my life for a long time . I hope he will become succesfull one day . But for now this show and this channel is just not for me anymore .
lilheat Před 28 dny
BoomerBoi Před 28 dny
My love life in 2020 was like your comedy, non-existant
Austin Rowlison
Austin Rowlison Před 28 dny
Hey jacksfilms! Love your videos! Listen, i’m not trying to be an asshole. But I don’t want COVID reference anymore, because who gives a shit about the pandemic! As always, still love you though!
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
More like who gives a shit about what do you want? Jesus the entitlement
Selim Obed
Selim Obed Před 29 dny
Where do I watch this live?
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Před 27 dny
I think you can watch it on twitch, I'm not entirely sure though
angelcar Před 29 dny
My love life in 2020 didn’t exist
Igglewig Před 29 dny
Hand some
lotrdude13 Před 29 dny
If nonexistent is "a little weird," then sure
SpooderTube Před 29 dny
when’s the ceremony?
Maaz Maaz
Maaz Maaz Před 29 dny
What happened to you, Jack?
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
What happened is CSshows picked these terrible guests and that's why it's so unfunny and cringy, but hey, it's politically correct so there's that
ChrisTDH Před 29 dny
Actual review: The main problem with YIAY TIME is that it lost most of the charm of YIAY. Before, it was just a dude talking with his subscribers, but now it’s him on a set with other popular CSshowsrs, and it’s just lost the sincerity of the original show.
Jow Double
Jow Double Před 29 dny
I pressed play on this video and it immediately crashed my computer.. favorite episode yet.
light moth
light moth Před 29 dny
yeah, i stopped listening to this guy after he got rid of the slide whistles
David Knudsen
David Knudsen Před 29 dny
ex in 4 words: to godt for me
TaraWestie Před 29 dny
This is definitely a huge improvement. But I still think one thing is missing. Where is the classic Jacksfilms stuff? The crappy purple writing done in photoshop? The homemade piano/synthesiser music? I don’t need edgy, but I need the classic Jacksfilms stuff. I see that it’s being somewhat brought back, like with the sound effects you’d hear in YIAY. But I feel why not just go all the way at this point. You might be trying to try something different than that with this series which is fine, but I just wanted to put what I’m thinking out there.
David Bray
David Bray Před 29 dny
10:53 no hate, but Sabrina's reaction in this seemed super fake. The way she keeps looking into the camera and overexaggerating her facial expressions. Idk, maybe that's normal for her own channel, but it seemed kind of out of place here where everyone else was being so chill.
Butter Adventure
Butter Adventure Před 29 dny
Could I be on YIAY time?
Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern Před 29 dny
I've got a truck, and I need a new couch... I'll give you 50 bucks. This is about picking up furniture right? First burn them, then dissolve their teeth in acid. Then spread their ashes at the beach. She's real, just Canadian. Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm taking what's mine, give me a shoe.
null Před 29 dny
i hate this show
Peruserprecurer Před 29 dny
Why is everyone saying "that's funny"
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
That's what unfunny people say
Filip Stolfa
Filip Stolfa Před 29 dny
let's get more of the Erin show
Enigma Před 29 dny
Enigma Před 29 dny
YIAY TIME is the Netflix Adaptation of YIAY.
Madhuri Hasan
Madhuri Hasan Před 29 dny
Petition to have Jonica's 10 y/o brother on season 2!!
aimbot Před 29 dny
worse yiay: the sequel
Singham Gadhvi
Singham Gadhvi Před 29 dny
Where the video about 72 HR film making challenge
Dheon Smith
Dheon Smith Před měsícem
Brooo blu was on the bad girls club right
Sam Borda
Sam Borda Před měsícem
This show could be so entertaining if the questions were just a liiiittle bit more interesting and original. “What’s your best pick-up line” really? With a boring question, you’re usually gonna get boring answers
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Před 24 dny
It's CSshows original man.. You get the most unfunny people, pick the most basic questions that can't possibly offend anyone and produce 15 minutes of cringe even jack himself can't save..
Music Mash-Up's
Music Mash-Up's Před měsícem
Name a more iconic duo than Poudii and "I would have won this round"
Kaitlyn Stollery
Kaitlyn Stollery Před měsícem
yeah this aint working for me. the game would be so much better if they were all friends with jack
Kaitlyn Stollery
Kaitlyn Stollery Před 27 dny
Enigma it’s because they are CSshows selected, and yt is trying so hard to stay relevant lol
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Před 27 dny
I think it would be cool if he brought back some people from YGS 100
Enigma Před 29 dny
The participants are trying so hard to be "relevant" here it's cringing at times.
Mike Daniels
Mike Daniels Před měsícem
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your dad is better in bed than you.
jurre van den Brink
jurre van den Brink Před měsícem
my love life in 2020 was very stable and nonexistend
Soledieair Videos
Soledieair Videos Před měsícem
Non existent
SHcMOOK Network
SHcMOOK Network Před měsícem
Wait no warm up question? Did it get edited out or??
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