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Get your markers ready! Our players are ready to compete with their best self portrait and new emoji creations. The virtual audience is tasked with voting for the best and worst ones. Watch the all-star cast featuring AsapSCIENCE, Jaiden Animations, and Tim Chantarangsu.


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5. 01. 2021





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Camokarzi Před 13 hodinami
I feel like this is really good, it's just not what people are here for on this channel
xxxCrackerJack501xxx Před 15 hodinami
Is his is what a midlife crisis looks like? Vapid, unfocused emptiness set to a slide whistle...
dfrank2003 Před 16 hodinami
I love it
Vunga Před 16 hodinami
i actually enjoy this like a lot
Lola P
Lola P Před hodinou
@Anthony Huang There’s no need to be negative. Sure, a lot of people didn’t like it, and fair do’s. It’s not like Jack’s style. But however CSshows may have wanted this series for money, I’m sure Jack wanted it for entertainment purposes. And as long as someone liked it, well then there’s not much to complain about. Tastes are tastes, different or not, someone liked it. And that’s fine.
Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang Před 13 hodinami
@juju everyone has the same taste look in the comments section
juju Před 13 hodinami
@Anthony Huang if they enjoy it then that isn't hurting you :) everyone has different tastes
Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang Před 16 hodinami
you must be 11 years old then
Mikhail Lobo
Mikhail Lobo Před 17 hodinami
Jack has big thetonightshowwithjimmyfallon energy in this
Maglev Whale
Maglev Whale Před dnem
This would win the award for your longest individual sketch if it weren't sponsored by CSshows itself
Woyzing Před 2 dny
This is the Shrek 3 of Jacksfilms
Gold Fish
Gold Fish Před 2 dny
He gives off the impression that he is acutely aware that a trained sniper is scoped in on him and yet isn't allowed to break composer.
Jame’s Movies
Jame’s Movies Před 2 dny
Was I the only person who liked it although the sound affects were cringy
joop foop
joop foop Před 3 dny
jack to the future be like
dry water
dry water Před 3 dny
is this kahoot
Jay Edition
Jay Edition Před 3 dny
Why can't we have a show
Amogus Před 3 dny
What's even CSshows's thought process. If they aim at a different audience than the channel's audience of course they will get backlash and the younger audience CSshows is targeting will be exposed to his normal kinda edgy humor if they explore his channel. Ok I'm not owner of a multi billionaire company but this doesn't sound that good in any way.
RubyPiec Před 3 dny
unpopular opinion I actually like this
me me big cringe
7:11 I would make a slide whistle emoji
Kristián Buryš
Kristián Buryš Před 4 dny
Is this the new Jack from the future?
just Pomelo
just Pomelo Před 4 dny
Not really into the gameshow thing you got going on, but do whatever you want John
Max F.Z. Conley
Max F.Z. Conley Před 4 dny
every couple years jack does a 180 and becomes the exact type of person he usually parodies. it's a time-honored tradition.
Milo Hickerson
Milo Hickerson Před 4 dny
Guys "good" news this is coming back soon he just said on stream
First Name Last name
Never have yt sponsor your shows, gmm, and now jack
Jacob Erickson
Jacob Erickson Před 5 dny
A lightswitch
Lenniks Před 5 dny
Why did Jack turn into joker baby at 2:47
Lenniks Před 5 dny
You were supposed to destroy KidzBop! Not join them!
Denty Mann
Denty Mann Před 5 dny
Jack to the future went to this future. Our future.
Rex Rickson
Rex Rickson Před 5 dny
the polls were fake because Tim's pet was OBVIOUSLY the best one
Rex Rickson
Rex Rickson Před 5 dny
Jaiden is me when I'm on a Minecraft server with my friends and I'm getting bored but they're still having fun
Standardgrapes Před 5 dny
When's episode 2?
Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch Před 5 dny
This is fucking cringe bring back jackask your just looking really old doing shit like this and you don't seem like the jack we used to know
Andrian Finlanda
Andrian Finlanda Před 6 dny
It's too PG
Elly Mac
Elly Mac Před 6 dny
Yiayks indeed
BrickSpace Před 6 dny
This is everything the Old Jacksfilms would make fun of
Cristian Hernández
I won't lie, the first time I saw it I didn't noticed the whistle lmao
GutNels Před 7 dny
That is really refreshing! But it does need improvement. I enjoyed it
Boy Před 8 dny
I'm hyped for episode 2
ab ra
ab ra Před 8 dny
This is unfair to jack, his fanbase hates him so won’t vote for him
Megadude 493
Megadude 493 Před 9 dny
This is terrible, needs way more slide wistles
Megadude 493
Megadude 493 Před 9 dny
This is terrible, needs way more slide wistles
Duckboi69 Před 9 dny
Savannah Echeverria
I didnt like this at first, but I ended up liking it a little into it. Just feels like a Nickelodeon show which is??? Weird???
Stormy Před 9 dny
Cody Ko should make a THATS CRINGE on this video
Mr. FuFu143
Mr. FuFu143 Před 10 dny
Guys, stop, he's trying.
FallbackTomb Před 9 dny
*Slide Whistle*
Evoluxed Před 10 dny
IPhone? Nah, we need an Eye-Phone.
Card_Bored Před 10 dny
the slide whistle. OH GOD THE SLIDE WHISTLE
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Thomanory Před 10 dny
PlayWorks Před 10 dny
This is the shrek forever after of YIAY
ibrahim hassan
ibrahim hassan Před 11 dny
this isn't so bad
Federal Bureau of Investigation
@ibrahim hassan why are they bad?
ibrahim hassan
ibrahim hassan Před 11 dny
but the asapscience people are
Kean Humawid
Kean Humawid Před 11 dny
Fck you cedric were keeping the blue frame
idk stuff
idk stuff Před 11 dny
Republic of Astria
Republic of Astria Před 11 dny
I hate the blue frame
Death Maker
Death Maker Před 11 dny
skyaiy (read it backwards please)
Notzsalty Před 11 dny
I actually think this has a lot of potential.
Elijah R
Elijah R Před 12 dny
Kill me now
Itay Gordon
Itay Gordon Před 12 dny
never thought I'd say this, but it could use a laught track
danashrulez Před 12 dny
The YIAY board game was more fun to watch
Jennifer Mills
Jennifer Mills Před 12 dny
cring c r i n g c r i n g c r i n g
The gordo show
The gordo show Před 2 dny
You forgot the E, cring
Abhishek Panwar
Abhishek Panwar Před 12 dny
Where is the yiayks comment ? Where is it ?
Samuel Čukáš
Samuel Čukáš Před 12 dny
tree Před 12 dny
me me big cringe
Ewan Boland
Ewan Boland Před 13 dny
Jack: forms a sentence Asapscience: HAHAHAHA ......FUNNY
Tom Weale
Tom Weale Před 13 dny
This does feel like youtube are holding Jack's dogs hostage so he produces advertiser friendly content. This has the same energy as jack to the future in places. Looking forward to the re edit and hopefully will give this a better feel over all
RedEra Před 13 dny
Serious Commenter Alert: I have a few notes for you so you know what can be fixed so everyone is happy: First of all, the sound effects are over used and are not ‘your style’ The aesthetic is good and modern but your audience are not too happy with it as it is slightly ‘cringe’ so maybe make it more like the show normally The content is too child friendly as your normal audience is old enough to here jokes about what you seem to talk about sometimes e.g. hentai, kissing before marriage, and other inside jokes including content that is quite sexual such as ‘oh Garfield! Jon moaned’. This is what your audience came for so include that more. The guests like ASAP Science are child friendly channels but you should include channels like Brock Baker, Paint, Jaiden Animations (this is a slightly younger channel but does include older jokes which matches your content), 2ToesUp and more. I know that youtube basically owns this so you can't include jokes that are too mature but maybe try to stretch the limits if you can
Mango dible
Mango dible Před 14 dny
Jaiden is the only person who is funny in this video
Memer does stuff
Memer does stuff Před 14 dny
Maybe 2020 wasn’t that bad
W0lfi18 Před 14 dny
Aww, poor Jack! He clearly tried his damndest, and no one liked it!
MadSelf Před 14 dny
I only watched the rest of this out of pity
jackz fiml
jackz fiml Před 14 dny
I don’t think it’s Jack’s fault. I’d blame CSshows.
Potion Of Fire Resistance
To be honest, this is nice
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan Před 14 dny
am i the only one out here trying to find out what people thought about their drawings in the comments below
Ikeybones Před 15 dny
Sorry Johns TeeVee but this is unbearable
Ceney Před 15 dny
more whistles than that one spongebob episode
Nega Před 15 dny
I don’t blame Jack at all for this. His choice is either instant obliteration or praying to god that he gets the creative liberty he deserves. It’s sad to think this braindead, corporate product is the future of entertainment.
Amber Purrington
Amber Purrington Před 15 dny
ok i don't care if it's cringe, it has JAIDEN ANIMATIONS AND *I'M LIKING IT*
TooTrueSheep Před 16 dny
i literally cant watch past the first 2 minutes of this show man. i just came from his 'Burnout' video talking about YIAY making him miserable, and he would have to either slow down the amount of content to make it more interesting or hire a team, which he said he'd 'never do'.. it's kind of sad to see someone with such a creative mind as Jack being forced to water down the content that makes him great to pander to the masses.
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron Před 16 dny
Jack saying "I can't complain even though I very much would like to." is the mood of this episode
Ivan Kostovski
Ivan Kostovski Před 16 dny
this shit was ass but get ur bag king
SamKarim05 Před 16 dny
idk i like it
Joaquin Před 16 dny
corporate jack sounds gayer
Barrel Dancer
Barrel Dancer Před 17 dny
Lacey Jade
Lacey Jade Před 17 dny
was this cancelled?
Juliana Montes de Oca
Boing boing
Marvellous Productions
I don't know why many people hate it. Its a CSshows original so its meant to look and feel more like a show.
Bruce lee1947
Bruce lee1947 Před 17 dny
It's kinda funny how literally every single thing in this feels fake
PeepyPlays Před 17 dny
even the title puts me off
Joseph Field
Joseph Field Před 17 dny
Yiayks, this video did not get a good like to dislike ratio, but at least it's not as bad as the infamous "Furries should vote" video.
Joseph Field
Joseph Field Před 17 dny
@Unfunny Yenjen csshows.info/up/video/Xd6OxKvMrKm1m4o.html
Unfunny Yenjen
Unfunny Yenjen Před 17 dny
What’s the “furries should vote” video?
Sinception Před 17 dny
YGS was cancelled for this...
SubCumin Před 17 dny
The Mountain Rush of Jacksfilms content
SubCumin Před 17 dny
C'mon guys, it aint...thaaaaaaat bad?
HarriWasHere Před 17 dny
why does Jaiden look like shes wearing a snapchat beauty filter
Ballpoint Pen
Ballpoint Pen Před 18 dny
Theres something missing in this. It needs more ad breaks.
CDS Před 18 dny
I think I’m the only one that thinks this good
Filth Před 18 dny
The Man of Milk
The Man of Milk Před 18 dny
Is ThAt TrUuUUuuuUuUuEeEEEeE?
Dub _
Dub _ Před 18 dny
eeuuuu uaaaa
T Před 18 dny
Guys now i know why he is doing this because damn he wants a mansion
ella caird
ella caird Před 18 dny
This is really funny and I think you should make more . Please see this 😢
Eryk Wiśniewski
Eryk Wiśniewski Před 19 dny
I don't think this is a bad idea for a show. This editing just destroys everything good about it and you're left with a corporate-looking garbaggio with Jack's face on it
Icarus 85
Icarus 85 Před 19 dny
This feels weirdly similar to yiay live
OkJustDont Před 19 dny
John: fuck you Yiay live you turned us into a joke we were finna be the next Beatles
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