If I laugh, the video ends 

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In this special episode of YIAY, I read answers that were picked for me by some of my discord mods.
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23. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100   
Ftrms Před 15 hodinami
Unban me from the discord Ftrms#0468
Humanerr0r Před 23 hodinami
Oh god. Orlando is tempting.
mosc0wcath Před dnem
Am I the only one that finds this less funny that regular yiays
Sammypokego Před dnem
I find it funny that the 2 states next to me have it
Logan Darling
Logan Darling Před dnem
"If I laugh, the video ends" lied the CSshowsr.
Mushroom Gaming
Mushroom Gaming Před dnem
I dont wanna get political but what are you?
H2 Před dnem
Wow, your tour is seriously going to be in two Ohio cities but none in Michigan? Very disappointed, mr. John Videos.
Honey bunches
Honey bunches Před 2 dny
Jack: Tour tickets are now available Me: BAHAH. HHAHAAHABFEJBRKSJF
The GamerKid
The GamerKid Před 2 dny
Giggle(s): 6 Laugh(s): 1
Seventy Eight
Seventy Eight Před 2 dny
I wonder, did Jack use the same “no that does not count” clip every time or did he do ten different takes?
Prince IQ
Prince IQ Před 2 dny
You literally laughed at all of them.
dukex Před 2 dny
After hours of research I have came to the conclusion that jack john fortnite douglas broke 5 times
CyberBober Exe
CyberBober Exe Před 2 dny
heyyy mayby tour in eu?
Mystic Monarch
Mystic Monarch Před 2 dny
As someone from ohio i also wish ohio didnt exist
Alphyy Před 3 dny
Jack laughs at every response
Daliah Tobar
Daliah Tobar Před 3 dny
I dont want to get political but the mOnga was not better
HaZe Spex
HaZe Spex Před 3 dny
I'm looking for my son
Brendan Watkins
Brendan Watkins Před 3 dny
I don't want to get political, but Jack DEFINITELY cheated in this video
Sophie Hence
Sophie Hence Před 4 dny
0:24 the wilbur
Shamik Shah
Shamik Shah Před 4 dny
This should be the season 2 of YIAY
Awesomer, Inc.
Awesomer, Inc. Před 4 dny
If I laugh, this video ends HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that didn't count by the way
5dollahotdogs Před 4 dny
Alternate title: if I laugh hard enough the video ends
SilentStormShadow Azim
What’s going on in Maine
ryan Před 4 dny
The thumbnail is a lie
Sycholace Před 4 dny
damn this is sooooooooooooooo funny bro
Itzaboodplayz Před 4 dny
Who came here from stop promoting your channel in the comments
cally_ Před 4 dny
"No that does not count" - weird way of saying "I need to get this video to 3 minutes guys"
Masewero Před 4 dny
This should’ve just been a promo for the show. Then 5 seconds after he fails and the video ends
Pepe Laugh
Pepe Laugh Před 4 dny
I don't wanna get political but.. furries lizards anime futas manga and pride members all belong in the same trash can
Slim Slimonstar
Slim Slimonstar Před 5 dny
Why am I seeing so many ohio jokes across multiple youtube channels, all it makes me think is either everyone has experienced ohio or no one has.
Luke Tippytoe
Luke Tippytoe Před 5 dny
That does not count
Olivia Rae
Olivia Rae Před 5 dny
As an ohioan Ohio shouldn't exist
ax Před 5 dny
Loved this format. You laughing made me wanna laugh
Sam Hazen
Sam Hazen Před 5 dny
John Patrick 'jack films douglass' Douglass
Orion Před 5 dny
first laugh at 1:25
Weed Tutorials
Weed Tutorials Před 6 dny
see you in portland, better be strippin😈
Nimrr Před 6 dny
I don't wanna be political, but no that doesn't count!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před 6 dny
This is going to get into everyone’s recommended page in 2-3 months.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před 6 dny
I like the blind format.
Andrew Babasick
Andrew Babasick Před 7 dny
dilfs 💗
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před 6 dny
Never heard a faker laugh
VenturousJet Před 7 dny
I don't wanna get political but 'NO THAT DOES NOT COUNT'
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před 6 dny
Garfield is the sexy version of Garfield
Gpicat Před 7 dny
“no that does not count” LMAO WHAT DO U MEAN JOHN
KerryG Před 7 dny
This. Is. The. Way. YIAY. Should. Be.
Ne0nc0re Před 7 dny
Why did he read chug jug with such little emotion
Sashmanswag Před 7 dny
I don't wanna get political but shrek the third was a masterpiece
Blake Mckinney
Blake Mckinney Před 7 dny
Captions are amazing
Aryan Trehan
Aryan Trehan Před 7 dny
Ash Dog
Ash Dog Před 8 dny
Did you see avatar the blue
Raul H
Raul H Před 8 dny
The dispicable one made me cry
Donato Liotino
Donato Liotino Před 8 dny
Someone explain the Gatorade one to me.
Sonny Parker
Sonny Parker Před 8 dny
Literally just going all around my state.
Gavin King-Smith
Gavin King-Smith Před 8 dny
Nice Ted Nivison reference at the end lol. Two great content creators
GreenStrqfe Před 8 dny
i dont wanna get political, but
lity fity
lity fity Před 8 dny
GoldPlays Před 8 dny
Never heard a faker laugh
Glorious7777 Před 8 dny
I like the blind format.
Annisami Před 8 dny
Garfield is the sexy version of Garfield
Michael James Carboni
I don't wanna get political, but that doesn't count!
Wostershire Před 8 dny
At this point what does count.
Greg Barbato
Greg Barbato Před 8 dny
Little known fact about Maine, children aren't legally allowed in the city of Portland. We put the childrens museum there as a cruel joke.
I don't like my name
If he watched amy schumer he'd still be live
Yeety God of Walls
Yeety God of Walls Před 8 dny
Alternative title: "jacksfilms is out of original ideas"
Mustashee Před 8 dny
This video could've been cut in half but this man is playin himself
Zulhilmi Asyraf
Zulhilmi Asyraf Před 9 dny
Note: This is YIAY #534
The Būrgøįd
The Būrgøįd Před 9 dny
This episode does not count...
Versatile Glasses
Versatile Glasses Před 9 dny
Everytime he laughs: THAT DOESNT COUNT
Diego Castañeda
Diego Castañeda Před 9 dny
You can hear Erin saying "Ew" in the background when thick gatorade is mentioned
Toto The Squid
Toto The Squid Před 9 dny
why does everyone hate ohio
Erin Last Name Redacted
The car’s extended warranty one sent me.
pinksoft Před 9 dny
Jack: HAHAHHAHAHA *chokes* HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHEHA *starts crying* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA *pisses his pants* Also Jack: no that doesnt count
Hillsoe Před 9 dny
I don’t wanna get political, but no, that does not count!
Ace Trainer Astrid
Ace Trainer Astrid Před 9 dny
0:20 god daMNIT
I l
I l Před 9 dny
not jack literally laughing the entire video 😐
Kodwa Před 9 dny
i dont wanna get political but wtf is that dude on about gatorade is a liquid bro like wtf do u wanna be drinking fucking orange flavored gravy or some shit whats wrong with that guy
SaruCharmed Před 9 dny
Video should be titled If I laugh, the video ends, but every laugh doesn't count
Jarrod Blake
Jarrod Blake Před 9 dny
Hey, I don't want to get political, but what happened to MY comment?
The Steel Curtain
The Steel Curtain Před 9 dny
Jackson Large
Jackson Large Před 9 dny
“That doesn’t count” 🤨
EM_LEGO Před 9 dny
Can you to the fixing your flags again I have a suggestion, fix the Lithuanian flag it’s boring.
Charioteer94 Před 9 dny
I wanna push Like but it doesn’t count 🙄
ZeroSenpai Před 9 dny
Triggered weeb : u sAiD MaNga WRoNg
Bibz BOI
Bibz BOI Před 9 dny
jack not feature me, I guess he not love his electric fans 😢😢😢😢😢😞😒😒😢😕😞😢😞😒😢😞😢😞😒😞😞😢😒
Bibz BOI
Bibz BOI Před 9 dny
also this is a joke, plz don't bully me
Isa Abdul Hakeem
Isa Abdul Hakeem Před 9 dny
I don't wanna get political but you laughed 20 times
dddevvonnn Před 9 dny
this guy is still doing YIAY?
durriya saleem
durriya saleem Před 9 dny
Jack: **makes a festival** Covid: I'm gonna have to stop you right there
duko3000 Před 9 dny
all this "this doesn't count" is purely padding so Jack could plug his tour more. #shamelessPlugs
thespeedyyoshi Před 9 dny
I'm disappointed that none of the mods chose any of the answers that talked about the flashlight in the previous video. LIKE COME ONNNNN
fun dude
fun dude Před 10 dny
Shut up intern 2
Attkrby Před 10 dny
Fortnite is for grannies is gold
Fern The Human
Fern The Human Před 10 dny
“You f**ked up my face” Mitchell Shepard - hunt down the freeman
XD_reaperrr Elite
XD_reaperrr Elite Před 10 dny
Your slow and wierd
MythicGirl2210 Před 10 dny
dilfs ARE underappreciated. Like where tf is the love for CinnamonToastKen?
Remcoms Před 10 dny
"No that doesn't count"
people are curious if you've maintained your p90 gains from 7 years ago :v das why people want you to strip xD
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Před 10 dny
You didn’t highlight Long Island it is part of New York dude
Spicy Dorito Animations
Woohoo one of the states is Delaware
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Před 10 dny
I don't wanna get political, but blind YIAY's should be a regular thing.
Tanya Degurechaff
Tanya Degurechaff Před 10 dny
JI IV Před 10 dny
I don’t wanna get political but some of you are the reason why there’s instructions on soap botttles
Jb2947 Před 10 dny
He laughed a total of 6 times in this video before cutting it off.
UnknownGamer40464 Před 10 dny
Wtf is gonna happen in Maine
Manga Monthly
Manga Monthly Před 10 dny
I live in Maine and yes, we do
Berth Vuylsteke
Berth Vuylsteke Před 10 dny
💙 Dilfs chat some love 2 the bro's?
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