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Three toy American Eskimo dogs discuss how to dispatch of their overbearing master. Episode 1 of 354.
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12. 04. 2021





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The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun Před 11 hodinami
The sequel we’ve all been waiting for!
Ryan Drummond
Ryan Drummond Před 14 hodinami
when did he get a third one lol
dawrek Před 18 hodinami
Three dogs one couch
Elise Enerson
Elise Enerson Před dnem
How is it that I can tell apart the Douglass dogs but I can’t tell my brothers girlfriend and her triplet sisters apart.
Hilpeä Lölli
Hilpeä Lölli Před 2 dny
Someone made that intro 11 months ago
Not the real god person
Make a sequel
roux waster
roux waster Před 2 dny
now make 3 couches on a dog
hilmiruy Před 2 dny
the cursed version of annoying orange
Red Lasagna
Red Lasagna Před 2 dny
2:19 LMFAO
ThisIsChris Před 3 dny
Bro hello fresh is a nasty ass scam. Those boxes open up all the time while being shipped
phanic! at the disco•*
#dogs #puppies
Mary Potter
Mary Potter Před 4 dny
I can’t breath 👁👄👁
Mary Potter
Mary Potter Před dnem
where is your current location
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Před 2 dny
I know cpr
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak Před 4 dny
I would watch a whole HBO max series of this
Duck Soup
Duck Soup Před 4 dny
Fun fact, jack got 3 dogs just so he could make this video. He got them over a few years to build hype
Hilpeä Lölli
Hilpeä Lölli Před 4 dny
Ahh yes The old one The fat little goblin and The super model
Al The Gamr
Al The Gamr Před 4 dny
Magda Lena
Magda Lena Před 5 dny
this sounds like letterkenny
Blazedasonic Před 5 dny
The sisters are so supportive of each other. I love it. That’s feminism lol
i-m-agic Před 5 dny
how is chipwich still so small?
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner Před 5 dny
I love how they look so happy while plotting to murderer JohnMedia
pan keyk
pan keyk Před 5 dny
“Girl you know you’re pretty!” Chipwich: ⚫️. ⚫️ 👄
Jacob Cabrera
Jacob Cabrera Před 5 dny
thinken. Před 6 dny
was this whole video you just shaming your bad dog caring skills
Mars Axolotl
Mars Axolotl Před 7 dny
0:00 i just simply love jacks singing ability and voice :)
Madhatteryt Před 7 dny
Everyone's talking about the new white dogs but does anyone remember sammy, anyone
Pacific Danger681
Pacific Danger681 Před 7 dny
part 2 plz
*inserts witty username here*
i got an ad for dog food right before the video and i thought i should mention that
Magellanic Před 7 dny
thats just how ads work. dog related videos get dog related ads
Michael Dowdney
Michael Dowdney Před 7 dny
So this is why they got a third dog!
Max Před 8 dny
Max Před 7 dny
Max Před 8 dny
rashad wilson
rashad wilson Před 8 dny
Didn’t know I needed this
elliot rat
elliot rat Před 8 dny
i want a friend group as supportive as theirs
HANK RUNYON Před 9 dny
3:12 And I almost broke his stupid neck Ha Ha Weeee!
Melissa Garretson
Melissa Garretson Před 9 dny
This is just scary
AzeXiR 2
AzeXiR 2 Před 9 dny
Annoying orange but with dogs
Holli Před 10 dny
My dog loved watching this
__JAMIWU__ Před 10 dny
Missed opportunity to have Brock and Jarrett voice the other two dogs.
RiverOfWetness468 Před 10 dny
For the love of God, make this a series
Coolest Kids on the Web
At 2:07 Chipwich turns into a Five Nights at Freddy's jumpscare
YnobeSnapdragon Před 11 dny
Dem dogs are hella cute!
The boys Incorporated
I love how much fun he had with this
tom Ledbetter
tom Ledbetter Před 11 dny
My favorite words “I can’t wait to kill him” jk
jayjayisyourhomie Před 11 dny
the japanese remaster of this is prolly sauce
DreamCow_5 Před 11 dny
There was this exact idea 11 months ago csshows.info/up/video/oqqTl6i0kaLau20.html Still love the idea tho
General kenobi
General kenobi Před 11 dny
1:40 D O N O T D I G E S T T H E W O N D E R F U L P O I S O N
Ammon-ation Studios
Ammon-ation Studios Před 11 dny
I've watched this to the point where I've almost memorized it. Please make a sequel so I can escape.
Jamie Koch
Jamie Koch Před 11 dny
I never thought you were going to bring 3 relatives on a reality show again. Also, where is '3 Dicks on a bench' 3?
Jamie Koch
Jamie Koch Před 11 dny
This is the only interesting episode in the series.
Wi88ow G
Wi88ow G Před 12 dny
Dog's think "they feed me, they pet me, they love me- They must be God! Cat's think "they feed me, they pet me, they love me- I must be God!
Crunchy Egg
Crunchy Egg Před 12 dny
bruh thats so overused
Does this pass the Bechtel test since Jack isn't a real man?
Thatonekid Před 12 dny
I want a series of this where in each episode they just gradually start to come up with better ways to kill jack, but in the end of every episode they get distracted by something and it doesn’t happen. Then in the final episode they combine every idea and murder that man
Cpt. Jones
Cpt. Jones Před 12 dny
We get dogs, which is fine. But we’ve yet to get the Dicks trilogy... Sigh
JESSE COMICS Před 12 dny
i can't sleep anymore
Aadit Nagori
Aadit Nagori Před 12 dny
Dont lie Jack, this video is the real reason you bought the third dog.
اباتراب علي زامل
Why the fuck I just found about this?? I have my bell on & everything.
garfilth Před 13 dny
Please continue this. This is awesome
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Před 13 dny
Merin Před 13 dny
This is the huge announcement he had
Dylan Před 13 dny
Only reason he got a 3rd dog.
Mr. Balonkatonkeo
Mr. Balonkatonkeo Před 13 dny
These Netflix remakes are getting out of hand.
TechnicMinecraft Před 13 dny
405,405 wiews rn
banana 12
banana 12 Před 13 dny
All I think about when seeing jacks mouth cropped on his dogs made me think about when markiplier did it but with cats 😟
Koopagon 8
Koopagon 8 Před 13 dny
Are you able to sleep at night after you made that video?
floop Před 14 dny
The Secret Life of Pets 3
Natalie Před 14 dny
I love how despite them being both dogs and females jack barely changed his voice and was like "Yeah they'll get it"
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans Před 14 dny
Now this is why they got a 3rd dog
sasha Před 14 dny
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos Před 14 dny
Jumples Lavenflamb
GigajinGaming 3711
GigajinGaming 3711 Před 14 dny
get a black dog, jack
Sune Nielleren
Sune Nielleren Před 14 dny
They are baaack!
Kennedy Littlejohn
Kennedy Littlejohn Před 15 dny
Definitely one of my new favorites
mr Krabb sauce
mr Krabb sauce Před 15 dny
3 dog on a couch 2
Amy LMAO Před 15 dny
Chip is so cute
Fox Foster
Fox Foster Před 15 dny
Favorite video yet
Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Yoshi Před 15 dny
this is the real reason he got chipwhich
The real Andrew
The real Andrew Před 15 dny
If I saw that thing on my couch I'd stomp on it until it was a small brown stain
This Commenter
This Commenter Před 15 dny
A year ago someone uploaded an almost identical parody intro of this. I swear it was the soul inspiration for this
Zanman Před 15 dny
This video made me laugh so hard
homie the third
homie the third Před 15 dny
wait so..john is breaking up with blue apron? oh no.......
Person 505
Person 505 Před 15 dny
"All 3 dogs were harmed in the making of this video." Legendary line
Joshua Stoffmacher
Joshua Stoffmacher Před 15 dny
I wish he made a full music video called Three dogs on a couch
Robby R
Robby R Před 15 dny
I like to think that he got a 3rd dog just for this
Rishikesh P V
Rishikesh P V Před 15 dny
Now I wanna go watch the original.
This needs to be a show
Leif Helland
Leif Helland Před 15 dny
Did you get the third dog just for this sketch?
Annoying Gamer
Annoying Gamer Před 15 dny
Make a second part
Leo The Muppet
Leo The Muppet Před 16 dny
all 3 dogs were harmed in this video
doire aintu
doire aintu Před 16 dny
finally a sequel to the critically acclaimed classic "3 dicks on a bench"
Canter1Ter Před 16 dny
This video would have been much funnier if it was just random barks
pyramid titan gaming
Jumples lavenflamb is my favroot director
final form
final form Před 16 dny
The manga was better
Erik_ Před 16 dny
Kinda reminds me of that one Markiplier video
Disphing Před 16 dny
if you don't make this a series imma throw hands
Marco Amazo
Marco Amazo Před 16 dny
Almost thought that said 3 dogs on a cooch.
Vintetia Před 17 dny
-We got one of those, and they send us spoi- Nevermind
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Před 17 dny
“And that was the last time I saw my dad.”
ectta Před 17 dny
how long did it take for you to get all 3 dogs to sit still for more than 2 seconds
SomeoneIDK Před 17 dny
New Annoying Orange episode lookin sick
Diego Lucano
Diego Lucano Před 17 dny
BigCartoonman Před 17 dny
Jack only got chipwich to make this video
Bandit 8
Bandit 8 Před 17 dny
I have watched this video so many times.
Tomek Chomczynski
Tomek Chomczynski Před 17 dny
Name our new puppy! (YIAY #501)
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MANSION (feat. 2toesup)
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